What does my score mean?

The ALEKS score indicates the level of mathematics in which you are most likely to be successful given what you currently remember about math. Click here to see what your score equates to in terms of class placement.


 What about my ACT score?

If your ACT score was 26 or higher, your math requirement might be satisfied depending on your major. Check with your academic advisor to determine if you need to place with ALEKS or need any additional math courses for your major. ACT scores less than two years old may be used for placement.



 I used to have an ALEKS account but procrastinated and now it is expired. What options do I have?

A second chance is available for an additional fee of $25. Contact Jon Anderson at andersjp@uvu.edu for access.



 How can I improve my ALEKS PPL score?

ALEKS has built-in review available from any of three Prep and Learning modules:

  • Prep for College Algebra (219 topics available for review)
  • Prep for PreCalculus (246 topics available for review)
  • Prep for Calculus (286 topics available for review, including trigonometry)

ALEKS will recommend a Prep and Learning Module based on the results of the first diagnostic assessment.

How many times can I take the placement test?

ALEKS includes an initial diagnostic assessment and up to four retakes. A cooling-off period of 24 hours is required between attempts and at least three hours of work in the ALEKS Prep and Learning Module must be completed before each retake.

Do I have to use all of the retakes?

No. If you are satisfied with your score, you can register.

Can I take practice placement tests?

The first two retakes can be taken at home for practice if you wish. Practice Assessments are practice tests that prepare you for the final proctored exam that determines your class placement options. Practice assessments are completed online; results are unofficial and cannot be used for placement into UVU courses. For best results, practice assessments should be taken under conditions as similar to official testing as possible: no personal calculators, no referring to notes or getting help, time limit of two and one-half hours.

How do I make my results official for UVU?

You will need to take a proctored exam to make the results official. This may be done in Math Leap or MATH 100R. You can also go to the UVU Testing Center during regular business hours and ask to take the ALEKS exam ($5 fee applies). Plan on about 1 ½ hours to complete your assessment (2 ½ hour limit).

Can I take the placement twice in the same day?

No. There is a 24-hour “cooling-off” period required between assessment attempts.

Do I have to work in the ALEKS Prep Module before retaking an assessment?

Yes. Students are required to work at least 3 hours in the Prep and Learning module before retaking an assessment. The Testing Center can override this setting for proctored assessments ($5 fee).

Do I have to complete all of the topics on the pie chart before taking a placement assessment?

No. Different math courses require different levels of preparation. Use your score to determine if you have filled in enough to place into your desired course.

Are there other math study helps, in addition to ALEKS?

The Math Lab is located in LA 201. Tutors are available on a walk-in basis to help you if you get stuck on a concept or need advice on how to utilize ALEKS.

Can I change my prep and learning module if I decide I want a different one?

No. However, any of the modules will place you into any of the UVU math courses except MATH 1210 (which requires using the Prep for Calculus module).

How long do I have access to ALEKS?

The preparation phase of ALEKS is  available for one year from the date the Prep and Learning module is first accessed.

If I score well on ALEKS, can I receive college credit?

No. ALEKS is for placement only and does not grant credit for any courses or college requirements. However, scoring well on ALEKS could mean that you can skip some lower-level courses and take a higher math class instead.

Do my placement scores expire?

Yes. ALEKS placement scores expire two years from the date on which the assessment was taken.