If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you can work on the ALEKS module on your own to prepare for math placement.

You will begin with an initial practice assessment. After this assessment, the ALEKS system will map out which areas you need to improve in to place into your targeted math course.

From the Student tab in myUVU, go to My Academics, then scroll down to My Class Tools and ALEKS – Math Placement. Always use the myUVU portal to access ALEKS.

A subscription fee may be required for some students while setting up an account based on their student attributes, the account is part of a one year subscription to the ALEKS learning and placement system through their myUVU account. For help setting up an account follow our step by step ALEKS Account Set Up Guide.

If you have any difficulties accessing ALEKS, contact Jon Anderson at andersjp@uvu.edu.

Official Placement

For official placement students will need to take a proctored assessment. This can be done at the testing center for a fee of $7.50.

For students who are not located close to UVU's main campus, a process has been set up for students to find a proctor in their local area (preferably another college or university) who can issue these placement exams on UVU's behalf. An online proctoring option is also available. Contact the testing center for more information.

What does my ALEKS score mean? Follow the link below to learn what your ALEKS score means for your math placement.

ALEKS Scores