MBA Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisite courses for entry into the MBA program?

All students must have completed the following courses (or equivalents) from an accredited institution, with a grade of "B" or better, within the past five years, or complete the Harvard Publishing online courses* with a grade of "B" or better, prior to beginning the program.

  • MGMT 2340  Business Statistics 3.0
  •      or Harvard Publishing Online Quantitative Methods course*
  • FIN 3100  Principles of Finance
  •      or MyEdcuator online course
  • ACC 2010  Cost Management 3.0 and ACC 2020  Managerial Accounting 3.0
  •      OR ACC 3000  Financial Managerial Cost Concepts

In addition to the classes above, all students pursuing an accounting emphasis must fulfill the following additional prerequisites (or equivalents) with a grade of C or higher:

  • ACC 3010  Intermediate Accounting I 3.0
  • ACC 3020  Intermediate Accounting II 3.0
  • ACC 3300  Cost Management 3.0
  • ACC 3400  Individual Income Tax 3.0
  • ACC 3510  Accounting Information Systems 3.0
  • ACC 4020  Advanced Financial Accounting 3.0
  • ACC 4110  Auditing 3.0
  • ACC 4420  Corporate Tax 3.0

*For more detailed information visit our prerequisites page.

How can I prepare for the GMAT or GRE exam?

The UVU MBA program accepts both GMAT and GRE test scores. GRE scores are converted to an equivalent GMAT score for standardization.

Potential applicants are highly encouraged prepare for the GMAT or GRE exam—and to begin preparations early. Students can learn more about the tests by visiting the official test websites - GMAT or GRE. There are also numerous books that are available to help students prepare for the GMAT exam.

Students are the best judges of their own learning styles and what strategies will work for them when preparing for standardized exams. Some students prefer an interactive environment, whether in a classroom or online, while others can confidently prepare alone. Several companies offer test preparation courses both locally and through online services.

How long are GMAT or GRE exam scores valid?

GMAT and GRE exam scores are valid for five years. Please contact to send official GMAT score reports to Utah Valley University.

How do I transfer graduate coursework to the MBA program?

Students who have previous graduate-level coursework from a regionally accredited institution may transfer up to nine credit hours.

Students are responsible for requesting a transfer of credit and may be required to supply the catalog description and/or course outlines from the previous schools to assist in the determining of the transferability of specific courses.

Students may or may not be able to transfer certain courses into the MBA program because of the inherent nature of a cohort and the importance of student interaction throughout the two-year program.

May I apply for financial aid?

Prospective students are eligible to begin applying for financial aid before they are admitted to the MBA program. Students may fill out FAFSA forms as early as January 1st in the application year and are encouraged to do so if they have all necessary information available. Please refer to Utah Valley University's


What requirements must be met to graduate from the MBA program?

All graduates must meet the following conditions in order to complete the program:

  1. Transfer no more than nine credits (preferably from an AACSB-accredited institution) into the MBA program.
  2. Complete 36 credits of approved credit with no grade lower than a C.
  3. Earn a 3.0 grade point average to graduate.
  4. Gain final approval for graduation from the MBA Graduate Committee of the Woodbury School of Business.