MBA Prerequisites

After a student has been admitted to the program, and has had an official transcript review to determine unmet prerequisites, they may register for the required course to meet the prerequisite requirement. These prerequisites are not required to APPLY to the program but are completed AFTER a student has been accepted if not completed previously.

Students have two options for meeting their specific prerequisite requirements.

  • 1) Register to take the required course(s) such as those at UVU, or
  • 2) Register for the corresponding online prep course(s) via MyEducator or Harvard Business Publishing.

Management Emphasis

Course Name

UVU Course Code

Financial and Managerial Accounting

*ACC 2010 and ACC 2020

Principles of Finance

FIN 3100

Business Statistics

MGMT 2340

Business Computer Proficiency (EXCEL)

IM 2010

Microeconomics and Macroeconomics (Full-time Only)

ECON 2010 and ECON 2020

* Students not pursuing the Accounting emphasis may complete only one course to fulfill this requirement - ACC 3000 Financial Managerial Cost Concepts (3).


Accounting Emphasis


PLEASE NOTE:Students admitted to the MBA with Accounting Emphasis will be required to complete the course at the link below IN ADDITION to those required for the management emphasis. This will help students prepare to meet the academic requirements to sit for the CPA** in the state of Utah.


Course Name

UVU Course Code

Intermediate Accounting I

ACC 3010

Intermediate Accounting II

ACC 3020

Cost Management

ACC 3300

Individual Income Tax

ACC 3400

Accounting Information Systems

ACC 3510

Advanced Financial Accounting

ACC 4020


ACC 4110

Corporate Tax

ACC 4420

** CPA requirement subject to change. Visit the Utah Department of Public Licensure for more information.

Fulfilling Prerequisites - Online Options

The MBA Prep Courses are abbreviated, online courses completed through MyEducator or Harvard Business Publishing that may fulfill certain prerequisite course requirements and prepare students for the MBA program at Utah Valley University. Due to the abbreviated nature, these courses are non-credit and non-transferable.

After a student has been admitted to the program, and has had an official transcript review to determine unmet prerequisites, they may register for the appropriate required course at the corresponding link below. For questions on prerequisite course completion, contact the MBA Office at 801-863-5504 or

Each MBA Prep Course must be completed with an 80% or higher on the final assessment. Students will have two or three opportunities to take and pass the final assessment which varies by course.

MyEducator (Accounting, Finance, Excel, Economics)

The following four courses are offered through the company MyEducator.

Course Name Type Fee


Online $69.99
MBA Prep - EXCEL Online $69.99
MBA Prep - FINANCE Online $69.99*




MBA Prep - ECONOMICS (Recommended, not required)



Instructions on registering for MyEducator Prep Courses.

  1. For each link you visit, one item will be automatically added to your cart shopping cart. Lifetime access to the content is provided for each course.
  2. Click the "Checkout" button and enter payment information.
  3. You will be asked to create an account with MyEducator if you do not already have one. If you already have an account, click "Log In."
  4. Once registration is complete, you will be transferred directly to the course material.

For registration questions or technical support, contact MyEducator at

*Students will learn how to use a financial calculator in this course which will need to be purchased separately. Two recommended calculators are the TI-BA II Plus or the HP12c and range between $30 and $60.

Harvard Business Publishing - Quantitative Methods (Statistics)

The following course is currently offered through Harvard Business Publishing. Students need only pass (1) of the two final assessments, obtaining a score of 80% or higher, to pass the course.  (NOTE:  The stated passing rate for HBP is listed at 70%, or C-; however, an 80%, or B-, is required for UVU students.)

When students have obtained 80% or higher on one of the final assessments, we ask that they notify the MBA Office of their passing score by emailing

Course Name Type Fee
MBA Prep Quantitative Methods (Statistics)                                                                                                    Online $75.00

 Questions?  Contact the MBA Office by emailing