Accepting Applications to the Following Programs

  • SPRING 2018     Part-time Professional @ Thanksgiving Point (Management emphasis only)
  • FALL 2018          Full-time Accelerated AND Part-time Professional @ Orem (emphases - Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing)


Full-time Accelerated and Part-time Professional

The Full-time Accelerated and Part-time Professional MBA programs at Utah Valley University are dynamic graduate programs designed to help aspiring managers become more effective value creators.

Students complete a total of 36 credit hours over three semesters for the full-time program or six semesters for the part-time program.  Thus, for students enrolled in the Full-time Accelerated program, a full course load consists of 12 credit hours per semester. For students enrolled in the Part-time Professional program, a full course load consists of 6 credit hours per semester.

These programs follow a rolling admissions process with students being reviewed on a "first applied and qualified, first admitted" basis. Students will be notified of an admission decision within a few weeks of submitting all required documents.


UTAH Resident and Non-Resident

  1. Application – Complete online at and pay the $45 application fee.
  2. After submitting the application fee, applicants will be directed to complete the additional Supplemental Items.
    1. Recommendations – List the name and email address of three references who will be sent a link to submit their recommendation. NOTE: Students are encouraged to select references from professional and academic relationships. The Graduate Admissions Committee discourages recommendations from family members or clergy.
    2. Upload response for two essay questions. Concise and detailed response should be limited to 400 words for each essay response.
      1. DEFINE YOUR FUTURE - How does completing an MBA relate to your career and life goals?
      2. DEFINE YOUR SELF - Your application presents a variety of information about you to the admissions committee. What additional information would you like to share that demonstrates your potential for success in the program?
      • Suggested Essay Format - Open a Word document and type your name at the top. Type the first question listed below and answer it; type the second question and answer it. Save the file as a PDF document and upload to the application.
    3. Resume – Attach current resume which highlights educational background and professional work experience.
    4. College TranscriptsAfter the application fee has been paid, request official transcripts to be sent to Transcripts will be evaluated based on cumulative GPA or last 60 semester credits.
      • NOTE: To be considered official, transcripts must be submitted to UVU directly from a college or university to the email address noted. No other delivery format will be accepted as official.
    5. Graduate Test – Provide evidence of potential for success by submitting an official GMAT or GRE test score.
      • Minimum Score - 500+ on GMAT (perfect score is 800); GRE scores converted to determine a GMAT equivalent.
      • Test preparation resources and registration information available at GMAT/GRE Prep.
        • NOTE 1: Consideration to waive the graduate test requirement may be given to students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or higher and interview with the MBA program director. Interviews scheduled after student has met with Admissions Advisor and application fee has been paid. Ideal candidates for consideration will have completed business or quantitative courses.
        • NOTE 2: Interviews will not be conducted prior to the application fee being paid and after having met with an MBA Admissions Adviser.



PREREQUISITES: After students have been admitted to the program, prerequisite completion will be determined by reviewing official transcripts with required courses showing a "B-" or better, OR by completing an online, abbreviated MBA Prep Course.
Courses must be completed prior to the start of the program. Visit Prerequisites for a list of required courses.

For an evaluation and unofficial review of transcripts to determine which prerequisites a student may need to complete, schedule an appointment with an Admissions Advisor.

View the Fact Sheet for Full-Time Students

View the Fact Sheet for Part-Time Students


IN EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES - Students applying to the Part-time Professional program may be eligible to submit a professional portfolio in place of the graduate test requirement in order to provide evidence of potential for success in the MBA program. Applicants who might qualify for this alternative waiver option will have a minimum of 8 to 10 years of full-time professional experience and have demonstrated progressive management responsibility in their careers.

Schedule an appointment to review your background and receive answers to your questions with Matt Moon (Admissions Coordinator, part-time Professional program).