Financial Aid, Scholarships, & Graduate Assistantships

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available from the federal government to students who qualify. This aid is provided in the form of Unsubsidized Stafford Loans by submitting an application via the FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Through the FAFSA, students enrolled in a graduate degree are eligible to received up to $20,500 per academic year, if qualified.

Students may apply for this funding online at after they have completed taxes for the year prior to when they will start their MBA program. For example, a student starting the MBA program in Fall 2017 would complete the FAFSA with information from their 2016 tax return.

For additional information, contact the UVU Financial Aid Department at 801-863-8442.

Scholarships at UVU

In order to apply for one of the scholarships below, students must be admitted* to one of the Woodbury School of Business MBA programs. Scholarships are awarded during the first year of a students program.

* Admitted students will be notified of scholarship opportunities by the MBA Office as they become available.

Presidential MBA Endowed Scholarship

Awarded to top students from both the full-time and part-time programs as selected by the MBA Office and Graduate Committee. Selection criteria is based on academic merit as confirmed by documents submitted as part of the application process for admission to one of the MBA programs.

Total available funding for 2016-2017 is $3,000 and is subject to change annually. Individual award amounts may vary depending on program type (FT or PT) and number of qualified students meeting selection criteria.

Gardner H. Russell Leadership Endowed Scholarship

Awarded to a small number of eligible students in the first year of their program. Total available funding on an annual basis is approximately $4,000 (subject to change annually).

Individual award amounts may vary depending on number of qualified applicants meeting the selection criteria and due to the number of applications received. Required scholarship documents must be submitted by the deadline announced by the MBA office. Scholarship qualifications include:

  • Must be accepted into a Woodbury School of Business MBA Progam, AND
  • Recipient will be evaluated by GMAT/GRE scores (or waiver) and GPA (3.5 or higher),AND
  • Applicant must submit letters of recommendation (submitted with admission application), AND
  • Applicant must submit a resume outlining work related experience (submitted with admission application), AND
  • Applicant must submit an essay with his/her personal vision for the future and how he/she can make the world a better place (500 word limit).

The MBA office will be using a new application system for the 2018-2019 academic year. Admitted students will be notified when the application is open for this scholarship. 

Non-Resident Tuition Waiver Scholarship

Available to students who have been admitted to the MBA program and are classified as Non-Resident on the first day of classes. Award amount waives the tuition portion in excess of resident tuition rates for fall and spring semesters (All students are charged resident tuition during summer semester). Students are responsible to pay the remaining resident tuition and fee rates.

Once admitted to the MBA program, students may submit a letter to the MBA Office with a request to be considered for the waiver. Additional information is located at Non-Resident Tuition Waiver Scholarship.

Additional residency information may be found at Establishing Utah Residency or be emailing the Admissions Office at Residency staff are located in the Admissions Office - BA 115.

Graduate Assistantships - FT program only

A limited number of Graduate Assistantships are available each year for students accepted into the Full-time Accelerated MBA program. The GA position provides a learning experience with a faculty member or business department on campus to support the students while they progress toward completing an MBA. Graduate Assistants may work between 12-15 hours per week, and receive compensation from $5,000-$10,000 during their program. Funding received as a GA is considered earned income which is taxable.

The Graduate Assistantship Application is available on the MBA Graduate Assistant page.

Scholarships Outside UVU

Creating a Scholarship Master Application

Scholarship applications are likely to request similar information in relation to personal and background information. Finding the appropriate funding and filling out scholarship applications will require patience and persistence. In order to navigate scholarship applications more effectively, we recommend you create a Scholarship Master Application that contains much of the information found on most applications. By gathering the frequently requested information into a master application, you will have a consistent location to access the information in order to more quickly fill out and submit scholarship applications.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you set up a separate email account just for scholarship applications. For example – or Use the same email address and password for all those that require a login.

SCHOLARSHIP MASTER APPLICATION - Download the PDF and save to your computer prior to entering any information. Filling out the form, and than attempting to save will cause you to lose the information you have entered.

Scholarship Database Options

Additional Options to Help Cover Tuition

There are many resources available online which may provide additional options to help cover the cost of tuition. While the MBA Office and UVU do not endorse any particular company, additional funding information may be found at one of the links below.

College Affordability Guide - Extensive financial aid guide including federal aid, public and private loans, payment plans, and more.

Go Grad - Financing Your MBA DegreeComprehensive list of scholarships and resources for writing a successful application.