UVU MBA Convocation 

2018 Convocation 

July 27, 2018 at 9:00 am

Rebecca D. Lockhart Arena 


Utah Valley University will hold the 2018 Commencement Ceremony on Thursday, May 3, 2018. This event will be held at the UCCU Center at 6:30 p.m. Graduate Student lineup will occur in the Woodbury Hallway outside the MBA Office beginning at 5:30 p.m.

ALL MBA STUDENTS will participate in this event by wearing their graduation regalia (including masters robe, university stole, masters hood, cap and tassel) and being recognized for achieving this milestone. The event will be attended by President Holland, members of the Utah Board of Regents, Deans, Faculty and fellow undergraduate and graduate students. Family and friends may or may not attend this event.


The 2018 MBA Convocation (official MBA graduation ceremony) will be held on July 27, 2018. This is an event to remember! And one eagerly attended by cheering family members and friends to recognize and honor the accomplishments of the MBA Class of 2018.

Lockhart Arena - Utah Valley University

For those who missed the 2017 UVU MBA Convocation, you can view the recording here

General Information

The UVU MBA Convocation Ceremony will be held on July 27, 2018. 

Eligibility to Participate

You are eligible to participate in the 2018 Convocation if you are a candidate for a Master of Business Administration degree who will complete all requirements for graduation by December 2018.

Eligible Cohorts are as follows: Summer Full-time 2017-2018, Fall Full-time 2017-2018, Part-time Orem 2016-2018, and Part-time Thanksgiving Point 2017-2018. Students from past cohorts who have not yet walked are invited to join us and should contact Gina Johnson to notify the MBA Program of their participation. 

MBA Students are not able to participate in ceremonies held during other times of the year as our ceremony is specific to our program and students and the only one at which students will participate in the hooding ceremony.

Invitations and Announcements

Students are able to purchase announcements through the UVU Bookstore and online at CB Graduation Announcements, the University’s authorized Commencement vendor. Announcements include the title of the student’s degree and details of the ceremony and can be personalized to include the student’s name.

Online Cap and Gown Orders

After applying for and being approved for graduation students will receive a link to purchase their graduation regalia. The Masters Regalia package includes the following items:

  • Black Cap and Tassel with Graduation Year
  • Masters Hood
  • Masters Robe
  • University Stole

The cost for the Masters Regalia Package is approximately $75.00 for all items listed above. Students may borrow regalia from a UVU MBA Alumni but will need to purchase a new stole and tassel as these are specific to the year you are graduating. Any students borrowing regalia are strongly encouraged to check with the MBA office to ensure they have the correct robe. Students will not be allowed to participate if they arrive to Commencement or Convocation in the incorrect regalia.

Students can place their orders for regalia online through the Alumni website after their application for graduation as been approved or at the Grad Fair to be held March 13-14 outside of the UVU Bookstore. 

Regalia pick up will take place at the UVU Orem Campus April 18-20. 

student holding diploma


Shaking hands with the Dean

Hooding Ceremony for Masters Students

The Master of Business Administration Hooding Ceremony is a special recognition ceremony for MBA candidates during which a faculty member places the masters hood over the head of the graduate, signifying his or her success in completing the graduate program and effectively moving from bachelor to master. The Hooding Ceremony is the main component to the UVU MBA Convocation Ceremony. Each student will approach the platform with their Masters hood draped over their arm, be called by name individually, walk up to the faculty members and hand them their Masters hood. The faculty members will place the hood over the students head and the student will move across the stage to receive their diploma cover. Note: The diploma cover is empty; Diplomas will be mailed to the students once all graduation requirements have been completed to their address in myUVU. Additional details can be found at the Diploma page of the Graduation website. 

Receiving Diploma

Details for the Big Day


Rehearsal will take no longer than 30 minutes if students arrive on time. During rehearsal we will walk the students throughout the processional, presentation of diplomas, and exit to ensure that on Convocation day the event is polished and professional. Graduates should attend this event if they have concerns with their name pronunciation. 

The Convocation Speakers

The speaker for the 2018 MBA Convocation Ceremony and recipient of the MBA Outstanding Business Leader Award will be announced at a later date. 

Graduates will also be hearing from one Full-time and one Part-time student (as voted on by students, faculty and staff and decided by the MBA Admissions Committee and MBA Office) as well as a welcome from the UVU MBA Alumni Association. 

The 2018 Student Speakers representing the Full-time and Part-time Cohorts will be announced at a later date.  

The Schedule

Students will need their full regalia: Masters Robe, Cap, Tassel and Stole and should carry their hood with them to be received on stage. Students will not be allowed to participate if they arrive to Convocation with the incorrect regalia.

Meanwhile, family members and friends of the graduates enter Lockhart Arena where ushers will provide assistance with seating. Please wait until your party is complete before being seated. Saving of seats is not allowed, and 15 minutes prior to the ceremony beginning guests will be asked to move towards the middle of their sections to ensure all guests may be able to find a seat.

During lineup, graduates will be given their name card which will include their name as they would like it to be read during the ceremony. If a student has a particularly difficult name we request they attend Rehearsal where they can meet with our announcer to review their names pronunciation.

Graduates should not bring umbrellas, briefcases, purses or other personal items as they cannot be stored.

Guest seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, and we expect a full crowd in the Lockhart Arena. 

Any students not in line as we begin the processional will not be allowed to participate. 


For accessibility information or to request accommodations, please contact the Accessibility Services Department at (801) 863-8747 or AccessibilityServices@uvu.edu.

Requests (such as the need for wheelchair accessible seating or other accommodations) should be made at least one week in advance.



MBA Regalia - Pricing and Deadlines
  • Through March 15: $78 Early Bird
  • March 16-April 20: $90 Regular
  • April 21-May 4 at 5:59 p.m.: $105 Rush Order
  • May 4 at 6 p.m. - June 29: $95.50 After May Ceremonies (includes shipping - all orders shipped directly to grad)

UCCU is running a promo for free/discounted cap & gown packages through March 15. See www.uvualumni.org/grad for details. They might run a discount option after March 15, but it depends on the success of the first promo. I’ll update the uvualumni.org/grad page if they run a second promo.


Graduation Application

Dates for Graduation Application will differ based upon your cohort.

For those students who are a part of the Summer Full-time Cohort (May 2017 start date) – your deadline to apply for graduation is February 2nd. You may apply after this date up until February 28th but will be charged a late fee. You will apply as a spring graduate and should indicate you will be participating in Commencement but not the Woodbury Convocation as this ceremony is for undergraduates only. Please begin this application right away if you have not done so already!

For those students who are a part of the Fall Full-time Cohort (August 2017 start date) or the Fall Part-time Orem Cohort (August 2016 start date) – your graduation application will open February 3rd and remain open, without a late fee, until March 9th. You will apply as a summer graduate with an exception to walk in Spring (so that you can be included in the Commencement program) and should indicate you will be participating in Commencement but not the Woodbury Convocation as this ceremony is for undergraduates only.

For those students who are a part of the Spring Part-time Thanksgiving Point Cohort (January 2017 start date) – your graduation application will open June 2nd and remain open, without a late fee, until October 5th. Since you will not be able to apply prior to Commencement our office will be providing your information to the Graduation Services Office and Alumni Office so that you can order your regalia. Once our office is informed regalia order forms are open we will reach out to your cohort so that you can buy regalia during the early bird pricing. 

See the Graduation Office website for details on how to complete your application. 


University Commencement will take place on Thursday, May 3, 2018. All UVU MBA Graduates are requested to attend this event, including students who will complete their degree in December 2018. 

No Tickets, No Reserved Seats, Free Parking!

Family and friends are welcome to share this exciting occasion with you. There are no tickets and, with the exception of any special guests of the University, there are no reserved seats. Seating will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally for out of state guests our ceremony will be broadcast live to YouTube. The link will be updated here closer to the day of the event. See “Details for the Big Day” for additional details regarding the event. Parking is free in the surface parking lots, any guests who choose to park in the parking garage or any metered lots will need to pay for parking. 

Convocation Photography

The University has contracted with Island Photography who will be taking individual photos of the graduates after they have received their masters hood. We will have additional University Marketing Photographers taking photos during the event. Due to this we ask that there be no flash photography from the guests of our graduates. We will distribute a link to the event photos after they are made available and the graduates will receive a link to review and purchase their individual photos from Island Photography.