Faculty & Staff

MCS Faculty


Course Number

Course Name


CS 6510

Design and Simulation of Operating Systems

Peterson, Todd

CS 6700

Advanced Mathematics for Computer Science

Reza Kamali

CS 6400

Modern Databases


CS 6300

Software Engineering Leadership

Harrison, Neil

CS 6500

Software Architecture

Harrison, Neil

CS 6150

Advanced Algorithms

Rudolph, George

CS 6600

Graduate Project I


CS 6610

Graduate Project II


CS 6470

Machine Learning

Peterson, Todd

CS 6620

Advanced Data Mining and Visualization

Reza Sanati

CS 6730

Advanced Embedded Systems Engineering

Minaie, Afsaneh

CS 6800

Computer Graphics



MCS Staff

Dr. Neil Harrison
Department Chair
Email: Neil.Harrison@uvu.edu
Phone: +1 801-863-7312
Office: CS 520j

Dr. Curtis Welborn
MCS Director
Email: Curtis.Welborn@uvu.edu
Phone: +1 801-863-7058
Office: CS 520f

Fred Orchard
MCS Advisor
Email: Fred.Orchard@uvu.edu
Phone: +1 801-863-6238
Office: CS 635

Sallie Dodge
MCS Administrative Assistant
Phone: +1 801-863-8218
Office: CS 520