Degrees & Courses

Degrees Offered

The Mechatronics Engineering Technology program offers an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) and a Bachelors of Science (BS). An Associate in Applied Science degree is known as a “job ready” degree. The majority of classes you will take will be major specific classes and you will only have six general education classes to complete. The AAS degree requires a total of 63 credits. This is approximately 18 classes depending on your level of math and English when you begin. This type of degree will give you the experience needed to get a job and start a career. Please visit the course requirements area to see a list of all required classes.

The Bachelors of Science degree was officially approved in Fall 2015! With the Bachelors of Science degree, you will receive additional in depth training in areas such as Automation Motors, Industrial Networks, Industrial Robots, CNC Machines, and Advanced Pneumatic Design.

Program Learning Outcomes

Course Requirements

The Mechatronics Engineering Technology program works in a cohort system where new students begin every fall semester (August). There are limited seats, so we recommend registering early. Registration for fall semester begins in April. You will need to contact the Mechatronics Academic Advisor to declare your major and set up your academic plan. The AAS program takes approximately 2 years to complete or a total of 4 semesters. The BS degree takes an additional 2 years to complete for a total of 4 years. Mechatronics Engineering Technology classes are offered in the fall (August - December) and spring (January - April) semesters. You may also take some general education courses required for the degree during the summer semester (May - August) to lighten your load during the other semesters.

To begin the program you must meet the following standards: You must be at a MATH 1050 College Algebra level of math. To know what level of math you are at we will look at either your ACT/SAT scores if you are 23 or younger or we will look at your Accuplacer scores if you are 24 and older. If you have not taken the ACT/SAT or the Accuplacer, please visit the following link for more information.

Grade Requirements

Students must obtain an overall grade point average of 2.0 (C) or above, with no core course below a C- in order to graduate.