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Admission Requirements and Prerequisites

Upon completion of the Graduate Certificate in Secondary Teaching, students have the option of completing an additional 12 graduate credits in evening and summer classes to earn a Master of Education Degree in Secondary Teaching.

To be considered for admission, individuals interested in earning their M.Ed. at UVU must successfully complete all admission criteria.

  1. Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.
  2. Minimum 3.0 grade point average in undergraduate work.
  3. Interview with School of Education Graduate Committee.
  4. Three professional letters of recommendation that address academic potential.


All 29 emphasis credits earned in the Graduate Certificate program can be applied to an M.Ed. emphasis in Secondary Teaching.

  1. Design and evaluate curriculum at the school, district, or state level.
  2. Build competencies for teaching by researching, implementing, and reflecting on models of instruction and instructional strategies.
  3. Select appropriate instructional models and methods to address specific learning objectives through lesson design.
  4. Evaluate how current research informs educational practice, including student assessment at the school, district, or state level.
  5. Critically evaluate educational research, theory, and practice used in their daily professional work.


12 Credits

Research Methodology
3 Credits
Applied Statistics for Education 
3 Credits
Masters Project 
3 Credits
Project I 
1 Credit
Project II
1 Credit
Project III
1 Credit

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