Media Standards

Media Equipment Standards

Technology Equipment Standards have been established to facilitate the proper use of UVU funds, ensure equipment compatibility, and  provide consistency across campus. These standards can help save time in the purchasing process and funding through out the life of the product as well as reduce the support resources required.  Media Services provides consulting, design, implementation, and support services for all classroom and conference room technology implemented at UVU, including remodels, new construction, and upgrades. This is beneficial due to the need for support once the systems are put in place.  Campus technology equipment should be professional or commercial grade and have at least a three year warranty when possible (a minimum of one year).

If an A/V technology is desired that does not follow campus standards or this implementation process is not followed, Media Services will not be required to support or maintain that equipment.  Standards are reviewed regularly and adjusted to meet emerging campus needs as well as new technologies.

View the Technology Support Committee Standards & Support Statement


Because technology is constantly changing and for security reasons, no specific model numbers are listed on this page.  Please contact Media Services for additional information.