Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why can't I log in to the System

  • Use your UV ID to log in to the System. If your UV ID does not work, we may not have you in our system. Please call us at ext. 1111, and we will be glad to add you as a user.

Q. Why can’t I see what’s on my laptop projected on the projector?

  •  Make sure that you have the Laptop source selected on the MEC touch panel. The touch panel will be the only touch panel at the podium.
  • Make sure your computer graphics card is capable of outputting a display. You can check this by seeing if there is a physical VGA output on the body of your computer. It’s blue, black, or green and has 15 holes in it.
  • Make sure you have the proper connections, or cables. (i.e. VGA, DVI, or proper adapters). You can check these out at the library check-out, first floor. We recommend purchasing the one you need.
  • Make sure your display settings are set to either output a display extension, or duplicate your display, or both. You may have to restart your computer before the settings take place. You may need to use a function key in conjunction with another key to execute the display duplication or extension.
  • *HELPFUL TIP: Make sure you have experience in duplicating or extending your display before it’s needed for any sort of event or presentation where it is needed.


When should I call Media Services? (ext.1111)

  • When you need immediate assistance with the media equipment. (i.e. something isn’t working when you know it should, or has before. )
  •  If you are faculty, staff, or IT and you are not able to log into the system for any reason. Students are never permitted to log onto an MEC system.
  • If you have selected the correct source on the touch panel, and then you’re not seeing or hearing that which need. Also, see other FAQ’s, or Media Services Tutorials.
  •  When you notice something that we could fix with the smart room. Reporting problems helps us keep things nice for everyone.
  •  If you need to meet with somebody from Media Services to learn how something works.
  • If you need questions answered pertaining to the Media equipment in a given room.
  • In the case of theft, or vandalism, please contact UVU Police 863-5555. 
  •  *HELPFUL TIP: The majority of calls we receive are due to inexperience with one’s own personal computer. We are not able to assist in personal technology matters such as fixing a personal computer, lending hardware, and providing software. We recommend that all end users of any brand of computer be well-versed to the needs that they require of their individual computer.


What is a VGA cable? What is a DVI cable?

    • VGA and DVI are not the same
    • VGA means Video Graphics Array. It is a video/display cable used to transmit video signal to another display source.  VGA is a graphical standard that all PC graphics hardware are able to implement without driver specific software. This is an analog signal.
    •  DVI means Digital Video Interface. Designed to replace VGA, it will deliver uncompressed digital data (or digital video signal) to a display. It is partially compatible with VGA standards (DVI-A), and HDMI (DVI-D). Capable to 1920 X 1200 @ 60Hz.
    • *HELPFUL TIP: If you have a digital video output, we recommend using a DVI for better color, and video. VGA will downscale colors, and video. Although these cables are available at checkout, they may be abused and may not be dependable. We recommend that you purchase your own VGA or DVI cables. Please see the tutorial section for more information.


Can I get A/V equipment from Media Services?

  • No, you cannot. Cables, projectors, screens, flat-screen televisions, adapter cables, are all available at the Library 1st floor checkout.


I need A/V Equipment for an event. Can Media Services help?

  • Yes, media services may be able to help. Please visit for more information.
  • *HELPFUL TIP: Be specific in your media needs. We have a variety of A/V equipment, some will fit needs better than others. For example, if you need many people to hear you, a PA system might be helpful, a single microphone by itself will not.


Where can I get the software I need for the Turning Point response system?

  •  Turning Point is no longer the standard on campus for Student Response Systems and is no longer supported on campus.


Where is Media Services Located?

  •  Library, 3rd floor. Room 321.


Does Media Services give away Media Equipment, like old projectors, TV’s etc.?

  •  No. Per University Standards, all used and retired equipment is sent to surplus for handling.


I’m a student, how come I can’t log in to the MEC systems, or the room computers?

  • Only faculty and certain staff members are able log in to systems and room computers. Students are not allowed to log in.
  • If you need to use a system you must plan ahead and have a consenting faculty member with you to log in and use the equipment. The faculty member must be with you at all times during the use of the equipment.

Q. Can I get a Cable TV line installed in my office/department?

  •  Please contact Telephone Services. They can be reached at ext. 8157.


Q. Where can I find a list of Cable Channels available on Campus?

  • Right Here...
Channel Station
26 Animal Planet
27 Nickelodeon
28 ABC Family
29 The Cartoon Network
30 TLC - The Learning Channel
31 CMT - Country Music Channel
32 TBS
33 Disney Channel
34 Versus
36 ESPN2
37 The Mtn.
38 AMC - American Movie Classic
39 TNT
40 Food Network
41 CNN
42 CNN Headline News
43 FX
44 TruTV
45 HGTV - Home & Garden
46 Lifetime
47 The Weather Channel
49 Fox News
50 A&E
51 Spike TV
52 FSN - Fox Sports Net
53 VH1
54 Oxygen Channel
55 MTV
56 BET - Black Entertainment TV
Channel Station
57 USA
58 Comedy Central
59 E! - Entertainment
60 Style
61 Discovery
62 KUTV 2 (CBS)
63 History
64 KTVX 4 (ABC)
65 KSL 5 (NBC)
66 Travel
67 KUED 7 (PBS)
68 TV Land
69 KUEN 9
71 KBYU 11 (PBS)
73 KSTU 12 (FOX)
74 KJZZ 14
75 KUCW 30 (PAX)
76 KUPX 16 (ION)
77 UVU 17
80 Telemundo
81 Univision
82 Telefutura
84 Galavision
93 UVU Info
101-111 Distance Education Campus Channels

What channels are available through IP TV?

Channel Station
002 KUTV (CBS)
004 KTVX (ABC)
005 KSL (NBC)
007 KUED (PBS UofU)
009 KUEN
010 Worldview (KUEN2)
013 KSTU (Fox)
014 KJZZ Independent (MyTV)
016 KUPX (ION)
017 UVU (Local Cable Feed)
018 ION Life (KUPX2)
022 KUTV2 22 my Utah tv
024 KPNZ 24 Estrella TV
028 KSTU2 Antenna TV
029 QUBO
030 KUCW (CW)
032 ZUUS Country
038 KSL Weather
039 COZI TV (KSL2)
042 World (KUED)
134 Create BYU Television International KBYU3
201 CNN International
202 CNN
204 HLN Headline News
206 ESPN
207 ESPN News
208 ESPN University
209 ESPN 2
213 Fox Sports 1
220 NBC Sports
229 HGTV
231 Food Network
Channel Station
242 USA
244 SyFy
245 TNT
247 TBS
248 FX
261 Discovery fit & health
262 Discovery Velocity
266 The Biography Channel
269 History Channel
271 History Channel 2
276 National Geographic
277  Travel Channel
278 The Discovery Channel
280 The Learning Channel (TLC)
282 Animal Planet
284 Science Channel
285 Investigation Discovery
286 Destination America
287 American Heroes Channel
294 HUB
296 Cartoon
310 Crime and Investigation
327 Country Music Television
331 Music Television
335 VH1
348 Fox News
352 CSPAN 3
353 Bloomberg
355 CNBC
415 Discovery familia (Spanish)
416 Discovery Español (Spanish)
440 V-me KUED 7.3 (Spanish)