Before You Go

Before You Go

You’ve probably heard that Utah Valley University is an open-admission institution. That means we’re inclusive and excited to have you be a part of our campus. If you’ll need to take some time off for medical reasons before you attend UVU, you should consider the importance of applying to UVU before you take time out.

There are benefits awarded to students right out of high school that you don’t get a little later (most of these are in the form of scholarships and financial aid). It’s something that will affect you as you get back into school, so make sure you prepare for it now by deferring your admission. Doing this means we can save your chair and your scholarship until you get back.

If you’ll need to register for classes while you’re out, you may also want to give your parents the permission to act on your behalf. This will allow them to register you for the upcoming semester while you’re gone so you don’t have to worry about distractions.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, be sure to follow all instructions to release your information to your parents in compliance with FERPA before you go.

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  • Fall Semester Application Deadline: August 1

  • Winter Semester Application Deadline: December 1

  • Scholarship Application Deadline for Incoming Freshmen: February 1