When You Get Back

Welcome back. There’s a place for you here at UVU. And that doesn’t mean just a seat in the front row. We’ve got degrees that lead to careers. Whether you are coming to UVU from out of state or from across the globe, there are resources to keep your academic career on track. Fill up your resume with engaged learning opportunities and the help of professors who want to see you succeed.

If you haven’t applied to UVU, get started on your application now. If you’ve applied and deferred your enrollment, let us know you’re ready to be back. If you’ve applied and are ready to register, find your UV ID and start here to get the classes you need. With block classes at UVU you don’t have to wait until the beginning of a semester to start school.

If you have all of that taken care of and are ready to get into the swing of things, come check out UVU. Find out about your next steps and all that UVU has to offer.

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While You’re Gone

If you feel like there is more for you to do, check out our “While You’re Gone” section. It has all the information you need.

While You're Gone

UVU in a Day

Come check out campus and see all the great things you could be a part of on campus. Taking some time to get yourself situated before the semester begins is a great way to start off on the right foot.


Our campus is full of great opportunities, tools, and fun to help you get the education you are looking for. Let New Student Orientation show you some great ways to make the most of being at UVU. http://www.uvu.edu/orientation/

Meet with Adviser

Whether you’re a brand-new freshman or returning after a break from school, meeting with an adviser is an important step to setting and reaching your goals. http://www.uvu.edu/advising/

Service Desk

This is one campus resource you won’t want to do without. Service Desk has the answers to your questions about admissions, registration, financial aid, transfer credit, graduation and more. https://www.uvu.edu/servicedesk/

Campus Connection/ID Card

With Campus Connection you won’t miss out on events and activities. It’s also the place to find your UVU ID card, get a bus pass, buy event tickets, and check the University lost and found. http://www.uvu.edu/campusconnection/

Bus pass

Your way to get to campus on time without having to worry about traffic, keeping your gas tank full, or finding a coveted parking spot. http://www.uvu.edu/campusconnection/services/buspass.html


Get the financial help you need to keep your education on track—submit your FAFSA to find out if you qualify for financial assistance. http://www.uvu.edu/financialaid/apply/index.html

Campus Tour

Having an experienced student ambassador show you around campus can help you get your bearings before you arrive for your first day. Campus tours are a great way to find the most important spots on campus and to make sure you won’t get lost! http://www.uvu.edu/admissions/campus_visits.html

Campus Map

UVU boasts a beautiful indoor campus with many connecting buildings. Learn how to navigate our unique main campus with a campus map. You can also find maps for other UVU campuses. http://www.uvu.edu/maps/

Get a Life

Being a student means more than classes and tests. It’s a lifestyle that is a launching point to your next phase in life. Be sure to make the most of it with some resources around campus.

Housing Options

Connect yourself with student housing options and resident resources and check out our REC program to help you make the most of your experience at UVU. http://www.uvu.edu/housing/

Student Life and Wellness Center

Take care of yourself and have some fun while you’re at it. UVU’s new Student Life and Wellness Center is a facility promoting a healthy, well-rounded you. From our bowling alley, basketball courts, free weights and yoga studios to our indoor track, climbing wall, reflection rooms, and much more, there really is something for everyone. Come check it out. http://www.uvu.edu/campusrec/

Getting Around

Whether it’s your car, a bus pass, UVU’s campus shuttle or your own two feet, find the best way for you to get around UVU. http://www.uvu.edu/parking/

Buying Books

UVU’s Bookstore is a great resource for getting the books and tools you need this semester. http://bookstore.uvu.edu/SelectTermDept.aspx

Career Counseling

If you’re not sure where you want to find yourself after UVU, make an appointment with our Career Counseling Center. We’ve got the tools you need to give yourself a direction while you’re at school. http://www.uvu.edu/acc/


Get the experience you need to make your education worthwhile. Find an internship that will help you put your learning into practice and make yourself easier to market. http://www.uvu.edu/internships/

On-Campus Jobs

If you need a job to pay the bills while you’re in school, on-campus student jobs are one option worth looking into. Have a meaningful work experience at UVU. http://www.uvu.edu/hr/jobs/

Getting a Job

Let UVU’s Career Development Center help you to find the job that best meets your short-term and long-term goals. They’ll help you get the experience you need to get the job you want. http://www.uvu.edu/cdc/



  • Fall Semester Application Deadline: August 1

  • Winter Semester Application Deadline: December 1

  • Scholarship Application Deadline for Incoming Freshmen: February 1