Of the 30 million people in need of prosthetics worldwide, only two percent currently have access to appropriate prosthetic care. To combat this lack of care, Utah Valley University's Mobility Mission, directed by Julie Baker Bagley, travels around the world to manufacture custom prosthetic limbs for individuals in need worldwide. Members of Mobility Mission include UVU faculty, staff, students, and community members as well as certified prosthetists and mechanical engineers. They work in country to mold, build, and fit innovative prosthetics to each amputee's specifications. The team also provides training for local health care workers in prosthetic care. To get to know our patients, team, and learn about our personal experiences with Mobility Mission, visit our blog at 

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Mobility Mission works to meet the needs of those who lack access to reliable prosthetics or funds to purchase them. Our innovative, low-cost prosthetic is made of durable, pliable and affordable co-polymer and costs as little as 1% to 5% percent of average costs for prosthetic devices. This allows us to provide for the needs of many more individuals than are currently benefitted.


Mobility Mission works closely with certified prosthetists. This relationship allows us to connect individuals who receive a prosthetic from Mobility Mission with their local prosthetist, who then provides further adjustments and advice. We combine direct feedback from patients and prosthetists to regularly improve and update the care we deliver.

Mobility Mission has also joined with UVU Exercise Science Professor, Jason V. Slack, to conduct extensive in-country research. Using high-speed digital recordings, Slack observes and measures the gait of prosthetic users. Mobility Mission will use this research to improve our prosthetic design, development, and implementation.


Mobility Mission is currently working with local governments, prosthetists, non-profit organizations, donors, and foundations that raise funds and awareness that provide high-end, low-cost prosthetics to those in need. A lack of public, entrepreneurial, and government awareness is the root source of the debilitating issue concerning lost limbs. 


Mobility Mission has experienced success and improvement since its inception in 2010 producing affordable prosthetics. As we create and distribute prosthetic limbs to individuals in need, we anticipate growth and innovation to expand the project. This project is pursuing funding from national and international bodies, including the U.S. National Institute of Health, U.S. Agency for International Development, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, agencies of the United Nations, and other non-profit organizations dedicated to serve amputees.

The momentum for this project has been featured in spots on KUTV, ABC-4, and KSL Utah news stations. The Mobility Mission Organization also received the International Heroes Award from the Red Cross Foundation in 2014. The club remains dedicated to service learning and advancing this project. The club houses a variety of personalities that cooperate exceptionally in this cause. 


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