The Master of Public Service (MPS) degree at UVU develops the next generation of public service administrators. The MPS offers students an applied and engaging public sector education with broad based knowledge, skills, and abilities in public service administration. The interdisciplinary curriculum focuses on managing, leading, and administering vital public services and public safety functions with an emphasis on ethical considerations, communications, strategic planning, public policy issues, and research methods.

The MPS requires 36 semester hours of graduate course work; currently offered all online.

This dynamic, two-year part-time program offers required courses in public services administration, finance, legal issues, organizational behavior, and leadership.


Students graduating with a Master of Public Service will have achieved the following learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate the ability to solve public service related problems and to make effective decisions in a dynamic and constantly changing environment.
  • Demonstrate ability to prepare and execute budgets with an understanding of public finance principles and procedures for planning, mitigation, response, and recovery related to every-day delivery of public services, as well as public safety and disaster-related threats.
  • Develop analytic and critical thinking skills to inform public service and community problem-solving and decision-making processes.
  • Develop an understanding of the legal, regulatory, human resource, and ethical issues surrounding service delivery administration, emergency response, safety, security, and resiliency for the community, state and/or nation.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the technical and leadership aspects of all levels of public services, including emergency management and the mitigation of, planning for, response to and recovery from exigent circumstances.
  • Develop written skills to help solve public service related problems.
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Course Schedule

Semester Course Title Credits
Fall - Year 1 MPS 6000: Public Services Administration 3.0
MPS 6060: Research Methods for Public Services 3.0
Spring - Year 1 MPS 6020: Public Services Policy and Evaluation 3.0
MPS 6050: Public Services Leadership and Ethics 3.0
Summer - Year 1 MPS 6010: Finance and Budgeting for the Public Services 3.0
MPS 6040: Organization Behavior in the Public Services 3.0
Fall - Year 2 MPS 6030: Legal Issues for the Public Services 3.0
MPS Elective Course 3.0
Spring - Year 2 MPS Elective Course 3.0
MPS Elective Course 3.0
Summer - Year 2 MPS Elective Course 3.0
MPS 690R: Public Services Project 3.0
Total 36.0

Elective Courses Currently Offered 

ESMG 6110: Disasters/Vulnerabilities/Impacts (Fall)

CJ 6220: Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice (Fall)

HLTH 6200: Issues in Public Health  (Fall)

CJ 6230: Criminal Justice Policy (Spring)

MPS 6400: Program Development (Spring)

ESMG 6140: Homeland Security (Spring)

CJ 6210: Information-Based Decision Making (Summer)

ESMG 6120: Emergency Planning and Response (Summer)

MPS 679R: Special Topics (Summer)