Frequently Asked Questions about the MS Cybersecurity degree

What are the requirements for admission into the MSC?
Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of at least 3.0. Pre-requisite knowledge of the following topics is expected: programming or scripting, System Administration of Linux and Windows, and Networking
Do I need to have a technical background to be accepted into this program?
You do not need a technical degree, but you do need certain technical skills to be successful in this master’s program. These skills can be learned through prerequisite courses or through experience.  UVU offers undergraduate courses that cover these topics.

When is the deadline for applying?
The application opens November 1 and closes on May 31. Candidates are encouraged to apply early. Once the cohort is full, we will close the application. If the cohort is not full by May 31, we may open the application to qualified applicants.

Can I start in spring or does it only begin in the fall?
 Each cohort begins in the fall only.

Can classes be done online?
This program is taught in person at our Lehi Campus.  Additional modalities (online, hybrid) may be added in the future, but students applying now should plan on face-to-face classes. 

How long does this program take?
The MS Cybersecurity program is five semesters long, including a summer.

Can it be completed faster than five semesters?
This degree cannot be earned in less than five semesters. We offer two classes (six credits) each semester.

When are classes taught?
Classes are taught two evenings a week at our Lehi Campus (Thanksgiving Point). The building is a 5-minute walking distance from the Lehi Frontrunner station.

Are International students eligible for admission into this program?
Because we can only offer part time (6 credits), International students are not able to get the full-time status needed and we are therefore not able to accept International students into our program.  

Does this program require a thesis?
No, this program requires a semester long capstone project which includes a report that is similar to an academic conference paper.

Can I start in the Graduate Certificate of Cybersecurity program and then continue into the MS Cybersecurity program?
Yes, the graduate certificate is the first three semesters of the master’s program. If you want to continue into the master’s, you will need to apply to the master’s program and be accepted to continue into the fourth and fifth semesters.