Become a Social Work Professional 

Why Social Work at UVU? 

Our Master of Social Work (MSW) degree is designed to educate and prepare students for a career in the social work profession. The MSW will prepare students to potentially become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), qualifying them for a wide range of career opportunities (mental health, medical social work, child welfare, etc.) working with various populations (children, adolescents, adults, elderly, disabled, etc.).

The Master of Social Work Program at Utah Valley University is committed to engaged student learning by combining innovative teaching, student-mentored scholarly work, and community collaboration to develop social work professionals who are proficient in advanced generalist practice. This mission derives from the university’s commitment to excellence and seeks to promote a healthy community within a global context through collaborative efforts that maximize human potential and promote social and economic justice through learner-centered teaching, research, and scholarship, service, and outreach. The MSW program provides transformative and collaborative learning that embraces the values of social justice and inclusion while promoting an enhanced quality of life for individuals and communities, particularly for communities of color. 

Frequently Asked Questions


 Is your MSW program Accredited?

Yes, during its June 2021 meeting CSWE advanced UVU’s MSW Program from “candidacy status” to full accreditation.

 Do you require the GRE?

No, our MSW program does not require the GRE.

 What are the prerequisites?

We require a Bachelor’s Degree as well as an (a) introduction to social work course (b) an upper division statistics course and (c) an upper division research course. At UVU these courses are offered under as Intro to Social Work (SW 1010), Statistics for Behavioral Sciences (PSY 3110), and Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences (PSY 3030). Equivalent courses may also be taken outside of UVU.


Yes. If you have completed a bachelor degree and would like to take these courses concurrently at UVU, please apply as a non-degree seeking student ,or as an undergraduate, if you are planning on applying for Financial Aid. Once you have been admitted to UVU as a student contact to get approval to take courses concurrently.

 What if I am missing prerequisites?

Intro to Social Work (SW 1010) must be completed before applying.The program will accept applications missing statistics and research methods contingent on courses being completed by the end of spring semester prior to the program Fall start date.  In other words, students beginning UVU MSW courses Fall 2023 must complete prerequisites by the end of Spring semester 2023. 

 What does the application include?

 The application includes and is weighted as follows (a) volunteer and professional experience (b) an essay (c) GPA and (d) letters of recommendation.

 I served an LDS mission, does that count as relevant volunteer experience?

 Volunteer and professional experiences ,religious or secular, that directly translate into the practice of social work are weighted more heavily than volunteer experiences that do not.

 Do you accept Bachelor's Degrees from University of Phoenix?

 We accept degrees from all accredited institutions of higher education.

 What if my Bachelor's Degree is over 7 years old?

 There is no time limit as to when you received your bachelor’s degree. However, we strongly encourage applicants who have been away from school for an extended period of time to take some university courses as a refresher for the rigors of academia.

 What if I attended college and graduated in another country?

 International students are encouraged to apply. Transfer degrees and credits will be determined by UVU in accordance with international admissions policy.

 What does an applicant's GPA have to be?

Our application specifies a minimum GPA of 3.0. 

 What is the cost of tuition?

Please use the following link to calculate tuition: The Advanced Standing MSW program is a total of 44 credits. The Two-year MSW program is a total of  64 credits.

 Do you offer Advanced Standing in BSW students?

Students with a BSW degree are eligible to apply for our “Advanced Standing” one-year MSW program which begins in the in the summer (May) each year.

 Can I apply if I don't have a BSW?

 Students who don’t have a BSW may apply for admission to our regular Two-year MSW program.

 Is the MSW Program Full or Part-time?

 At present we only offer a full-time/hybrid (online and in class) program. MSW students are currently required to meet in-person on Fridays. 

 Does the MSW program have specific emphases?

 Our MSW program is considered a generalist program. We offer a variety of electives and practicums that can help you build your education toward your interests.

 Is there a capstone project for the MSW Program?

 Yes, this entails a project in lieu of a thesis. Students begin developing their portfolio from the beginning of their MSW program.

 Will MSW classes be available online?

 Our MSW courses are hybrid (online and in-person) instruction. We anticipate that students will spend approximately seven and half hours in class, generally on Fridays.

 Do you offer Social Work 1010 online?

 We offer Social Work 1010 online during fall and spring semesters and both summer blocks.

 Can professionals take MSW courses as CEUs?

 Only individuals who have formally been admitted may take MSW courses. 

 Does UVU have resources for Veterans?

Please refer to the Veteran Success Center

 I have a disability, can I still apply to the MSW program?

 All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. For further information on accessibility please refer to UVU’s Accessibility Services website.

How will I be notified of the admission committee's decision regarding my completed application?

 All applicants will receive an email notification (via the email address provided in your application) from the UVU MSW program no later than December, 20th. The admissions process is on-going, consequently some admitted students may receive notice before then.


To apply for the full-time MSW program:

  1. Create account and provide  information. Application + fee differ for International Students.
  2. Pay $45.00 fee and exit application. Re-enter application to submit remaining materials. 
  3. Submit current resume that includes educational background and professional experience.
  4. Submit two-part essay that includes autobiographical statement (2-3 pages) and critical analysis of a clinical or policy issue (2 pages). More details available here.
  5. Provide name and email address of three professional references. References will be contacted via email to submit an electronic recommendation.
  6. Send all official university transcripts. If requesting an electronic copy from your university, official transcripts must be emailed to UVU transcripts are already on file and do not need to be requested.     

    Application opens August 15