Application for 2024 Admission closed!

Application for 2025 admissions opens on August 15, 2024

The deadline to apply is November 4, 2024

Advanced Standing program begins in summer 2025

Two-Year program begins in fall 2025

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Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
    • If an applicant's cumulative GPA is below a 3.0, the program may calculate and accept GPA based on the last 60 semester hours 
      (90 quarter hours) of undergraduate work.
    • A Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree earned within the past 10 years is required to apply for Advanced Standing. A BSW degree is not required for admission into the Two-Year program.
  • Completion of prerequisite courses with a B- or higher. This requirement must be satisfied prior to matriculation if offered admission.
    • Statistics
    • Research Methods- must be related to one of the behavioral sciences
    • Introduction to Social Work - must be completed or in progress at time of submitting an application.
  • Complete application and pay application fee
  • Submit official university transcripts
  • Submit resume or curriculum vitae
  • Submit application essays
  • Provide information for three references
  • Submit all materials before application deadline

Admissions Process

  1. Apply
    Ensure an MSW is right for you
    • Determine if Social Work is a good fit for you and your professional goals. Conduct research       about the Social Work field       or meet with us       to make sure an MSW is a good educational pathway.
    • Complete an Online Application      by selecting correct start date and program option. Two-year applicants begin courses in the fall, Advanced Standing applicants begin courses in the summer.
    • Enter information completely and accurately. Note this is used to determine residency status.
    • Submit application and pay the application fee.
    Submit official university transcripts
    • If requesting electronic copy from your university, official transcripts must be emailed to
  2. Submit Supplemental Items*
    Resume/Curriculum Vita
    • Applicants need to submit a copy of their current resume or curriculum vita (CV). This document should include the following:
      • Educational and practical experiences related to professional helping in human and/or mental and behavioral health services. Experience may include both paid employment and volunteer work.
      • The title of your position and the dates and approximate hours per week for each position held. For example: “Family Support Manager, Wasatch Mental Health, May 2022-current (40 hrs/week).”
      • Descriptions of the population with whom you worked in each position as well as your main responsibilities.
    MSW Resume/Curriculum Vita Statement
    • Applicants need to submit a 3–4 page, double spaced, explanation of experiences listed on their resume.  The statement should be submitted in proper APA format.  This statement should address the following areas:
      • Professional experiences that led to an interest in the MSW program.
      • Skills gained that will lead to success as a student in the MSW program.
      • Interactions with diverse populations that created a foundation for learning in the MSW program.
    MSW Application Essay
    • Applicants need to submit a 3–4 page, double spaced, essay that speaks toward their readiness for the UVU MSW program. The essay should be submitted in proper APA formate. Applicants may repeat information provided in the Resume/Curriculum Vita Statement, but should do so only to support responses to the following areas:
      • Why is an MSW degree at UVU the best fit for you rather than an alternative helping profession?
      • Why are you a good fit for the MSW program at UVU?
      • What potential biases do you have that may impact your work with diverse populations?
      • How have you (or how will you) address(ed) these biases so that you are prepared to work with all clients competently?
    Three Professional References
    • Applicants need to secure 3 references, at least 1 of which should be from an individual who is capable of describing the applicant’s educational ability.
    • Applicants will submit reference names and email addresses.
    • References will be asked to indicate their relationship to the applicant.
    • References will be asked specific questions about the applicant’s academic readiness for an MSW program, ethical behavior, interpersonal skills, and potential to work with diverse clients.
    • References may attach a letter of recommendation in .pdf or .docx format.
    • Applicants may login      to view status of references, resend reference emails or make edits to reference information.


    *Supplemental items shown are from the 2024 admissions cycle and may be subject to change for the 2025 admissions season. 

  3. Submit All Materials by Deadline
    • It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all materials are turned in before the deadline. 
  4. Application Process Complete

Application for 2025 admissions opens on  August 15, 2024

Apply now!