To apply for the full-time MSW program:

  1. Create account and provide general information at
  2. Application + fee differ for International Students.
  3. Pay $45.00 fee and exit application. Re-enter application to submit remaining materials. 
  4. Submit current resume that includes educational background and professional experience.
  5. Submit two-part essay that includes autobiographical statement (2-3 pages) and critical analysis of a clinical or policy issue (2 pages). More details available here.
  6. Provide name and email address of three professional references. References will be contacted via email to submit an electronic recommendation.
  7. Send all official university transcripts. If requesting an electronic copy from your university, official transcripts must be emailed to UVU transcripts are already on file and do not need to be requested. 

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Essay Details

The two-part essay is the most important section of your application package. We are interested in understanding 1) how your experiences influenced your desire to obtain a Masters in Social Work and 2) the quality of your writing and argumentation as it relates to analyzing and addressing a social problem.

Part 1. Autobiographical statement (2-3 pages). In your statement, be sure to address fully each of the following questions:

  • Why do you want to pursue a career in social work?
  • What do you view as barriers to obtaining your MSW degree and what are your plans for overcoming them?
  • How does your experience with and/or knowledge of diversity issues inform your desire to obtain an MSW degree?
  • How have your past and current volunteer, internship, fieldwork, employment, and/or other experiences prepared you for graduate studies in social work?

Part 2. Clinical Issue/Social Problem Analysis (2 pages – not including reference page). Describe a contemporary clinical issue or social problem that you believe is relevant to the social work field. Please address the following prompts:

  • What is the social problem and how is it relevant to the social work field?
  • What are the societal contributions to the origin and maintenance of this problem?
  • Why does this problem deserve public attention and resources?
  • What research supports your position?
  • Describe some possible ways for social workers to address the problem, including leadership roles you might undertake.
  • If relevant, and space permitting, include any personal experiences that have contributed to your identification and understanding of the problem.

For assistance preparing resume and/or essay, please refer to the Writing Center's Graduate Resources.