MSW Prerequisites

To check whether other courses will be accepted for the following courses, please visit the Transfer Articulation Database. If you do not see a particular course listed, please send an email with the university, course name and number to

SW 1010 - Intro to Social Work

BYU Soc W 200
Dixie Soc W 1010
SLCC Soc W 1010
Snow Soc W 1010
U of U Soc W 1010
USU Soc W 1010
Weber Soc W 1010

 ** No combination of academic courses or professional experience may be substituted for SW 1010. **

BESC 3010 - Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

BYU Psych 308, Soc 307, Stat 121
Dixie Math 1040, Psy 3000, Soc 3112
SLCC Math 1040 
SUU Math 1040, Psy 3010
U of U Math 1040, Psy 3000, Soc 3112
USU  Psy 3010, Soc 3120, Stat 1040
UVU Stat 1040
Weber Math 1040, Psy 3600, Soc 3600

BESC 3020 - Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences

BYU Psych 310, Soc 300, Soc W 300
Dixie Psy 3010, Soc 3111
SUU Psy 3410, Psy 3430, Soc 3450
U of U Psy 3010, Soc 3111
USU  Psy 3500, 
UVU Psy 3030
Weber Psy 3610

Completing Prerequisites at UVU

If you are currently a UVU student, please meet with your advisor to discuss the best way to incorporate these courses into your WolverineTrack (e.g., if you have a non-BESC/PSY major).

If you have already completed your bachelor's degree, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Apply to UVU as non-degree seeking transfer student.
    • Select Undergraduate application.
    • Create admissions account.
    • Select Transfer/Freshman application.
    • Select "Non-Degree Seeking" admit type.
  2. Send university transcripts. If you graduated from UVU, this step is not necessary.
  3. Register for courses once admitted (more information here). 
  4. To register for BESC 3010 and/or BESC 3020, send an email to with your UVID and a request that the prerequisites for the courses be waived (only students who have already earned a bachelor's degree are eligible for prerequisites for BESC 3010 and BESC 3020 to be waived).