Fall 2020





Multicultural Forum

Date: October 21

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: Zoom Link: http://bit.ly/SOC_Forum


The Multicultural Forum is a series of informal discussions surrounding topics that students of color can engage in and share their experiences around. These conversations are facilitated by our Multicultural Student Council, Student Health Services professionals, and MSS staff and allows for students to find community amongst one another, learn about language and terms that help define their experiences, and navigate resources. 

Join us at: http://bit.ly/SOC_Forum




Diversity Dialogues

Date: October 22 - October 22

Time: 5pm

Location: Zoom Link: http://bit.ly/mscdiversitydialogue


Diversity Dialogues is a series of facilitated discussions led by our Multicultural Student Council and invited guest speakers. The purpose of these discussions is to be able to unpack topics and issues that allow for participants to learn new concepts, develop awareness about various topics, and share in diverse perspectives and views. Diversity Dialogues is not a place to debate, but rather a place to seek mutual understanding from one another.

Join us at: http://bit.ly/mscdiversitydialogue