UVU Native American Initiative


The Native American Initiative at UVU provides rich cultural experiences, resources, and programs for our Native American students. We are dedicated to providing support to the Indigenous people of Utah Valley and our broader community.

Resources for Students

American Indian Studies Program (AIS)

The AIS program prepares students for employment in tribal governments, Indian organizations, and other federal and state agencies which serve Indian tribes and organizations. Students who participate in the AIS will learn analytical skills, applied knowledge for working in American Indian communities, and will participate in scholarly study of American Indigenous communities.


Multicultural Student Services (MSS)

The MSS at UVU is a hub for diversity and inclusion. Students have an opportunity to embrace their own culture while learning about the cultures of their peers. Students who are involved with MSS participate in programs and learning with the following groups,


Utah Residency

The Utah State Board of Regents (USHE) recognizes the following tribes to qualify under resident status: Ute, Goshute, Shoshone-Bannock, Shoshoni, Paiute, Hopi, Navajo, and Zuni.

Students who are part of the tribes mentioned above and who meet state requirements may receive in-state tuition at UVU.

We are dedicated to serving and honoring the Indigenous people of UVU

Kirsten Kizerian and her daughter

Hundreds of Indigenous tribes first lived on the land that is now occupied by the United States. Join us and learn about our Native ancestors as we celebrate Native American Heritage Month.

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Native American Heritage Month Events November 2022

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Please join us for our upcoming events as we celebrate Native American Heritage Month 

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