Our Mission

The Museum enhances the University’s academic mission and furthers the appreciation and enjoyment of the visual arts for the general public by fostering critical thinking and visual literacy through the interdisciplinary exploration of art, ideas, and experience.

To realize our mission we:


  • Audiences through shared experiences with art.
  • Community organizations to create a stronger sense of place through art.
  • Current and future patrons of the arts in Utah County and beyond.
  • Diverse audiences, including: Students and faculty, the broader University community, the local community, the State of Utah, and the arts and cultural community,


  • Arts learning through exhibitions, programs, and teaching
  • Interdisciplinary partnerships that embrace our role as a university and a community art museum.
  • Progressive art education programming for the public of all ages through collaborative programming and exhibitions.


  • Excellence in visual arts research, teaching, interpretation, exhibition, and programming.
  • Exhibition, interpretation, and creation of artwork as a means of raising awareness about social, political, economic, and environmental issues facing our society.
  • Development and preservation of collections in accordance with museum standards and best practices.

Museum Staff

Portrait of Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson

Director / Curator


801.863.6743 | MS: 256
Portrait of Jean Graves

Jean Graves

Museum education manager

801.863.4200   |   MS: 256
Portrait of Lisa Jensen

Lisa Jensen

Museum Education Assistant


801.863.4200 | MS: 256
Portrait of Jessica Kramer

Jessica Kramer

Collections & Exhibitions Manager


801.863.6740 | MS: 256
Portrait of Joanna Trujillo

Joanna Trujillo

Visitor services manager


801.863.4200 | MS: 256
Portrait of Taylor Wright

Taylor Wright

Exhibition Designer


801.863.6471 | MS: 256








The UVU Museum of Art (Woodbury Art Museum) began in 2002 with generous support from Orin and Wally Woodbury. Since it’s inception, the museum has collected over 600 works of art. As a publicly-focused department of the School of the Arts, the museum involves artists, local stakeholders, community, students and faculty in a variety of arts learning exhibitions and programs.

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