About Us

The UVU Museum of Art (formerly Woodbury Art Museum) is a dynamic institution recognized for engaged and diverse exhibitions, programs and partnerships. Since the museum’s founding in 2002, it has been an important place for the stewardship of art and education.

The UVU Museum of Art at Lake Mount Manor embodies the mission and values of the University, expanding arts education in a an innovative environment that cultivates community appreciation for the arts through the interdisciplinary exploration of art, ideas, and experience and celebrates Melanie Bastian’s legacy as a community benefactor and champion of art and learning.


Our Vision

We envision the UVU Museum of Art as a dynamic institution recognized for engaged and diverse exhibitions, programs and partnerships situated in an innovative learning and cultural environment.

  • We contribute to the education of university students and help them become culturally competent global citizens.
  • Our collections, programs, and research follow the highest ethical, academic and professional standards.
  • We motivate object-centered learning, creative work, and transformative public dialogue.
  • We promote interdisciplinary collaborative opportunities on-and off-campus that make the Museum central to learning and its community and that build diverse audiences.
  • The museum experience enriches people’s lives and is a unique cultural destination in Utah County


Academic Research, Learning, and Stewardship of Collections

  • Responsible stewardship and management of all Museum resources.
  • Experimentation with innovative teaching practices across multiple disciplines in the University through use of the Museum as a learning laboratory.
  • Innovative collecting, programs, scholarship, and teaching.


  • Dynamic programs and exhibitions for diverse audiences that increase knowledge and inspire lifelong learning about art.
  • Innovative collaborations and partnerships that enable the Museum to become an essential part of the academic and civic life of the University and surrounding community.
  • Recognize the museum’s role as a cultural resource in Utah and demonstrate the impacts on the arts as a building block of community.
  • Strengthen relationships between the museum and arts and culture organizations.
  • Increase opportunities and support for artists

Institutional Culture

  • Uphold the highest ethical standards in all museum operations
  • Represent the mission and values of the School of the Arts and UVU
  • Proactively develop collections, staff, programs, and facilities, and in the continual expansion of its presence in the community.
  • Enhance communications to attract and retain engagement in museum activities