view of permanent collection gallery with western art

Permanent Collection

Our Permanent Collection primarily holds contemporary American works of art. Consisting of important Utah artists and expanding to bring in artists from around the country, the museum collects, preserves, and exhibits art and related materials.

Digital Collection

Have a look at the Woodbury Art Museum's Permanent Collection on the Utah Valley University Digital Collections database to get a closer look.

On Display

Permanent Collection Selections
featuring Josef Sudek and 
guest artists Lyuba Prusak & Daniel Fairbanks

MAY - SEP 2016

The Woodbury Art Museum has chosen to pair
           the predominantly sculptural art of Lyuba Prusak 
           (1922-2010) with photographic selections from
           fellow Czech artist Josef Sudek (1896-1976).
           Finally, the art of Daniel J. Fairbanks (artist and
           Dean of Biology at Utah Valley University) rounds
           out the exhibition with drawings, portraits, and
           paintings honoring the life of the Czech scientist
           Gregor Johann Mendel who gained posthumous
           fame as the founder of the science of genetics.