How to connect to Wolverine-WiFi for Conference and Business Guests (MAC)


You must have already been given an active Conference Account in order to register.

Conference sponsors, if you need an account set up please contact the Service Desk at 801-863-8888

Make sure you currently have an up-to-date anti-virus program installed before attempting to connect to Wolverine Wi-Fi.

  1. Click on the Airport, and select Wolverine-WiFi

    1. Authorization Page Image

  • Open a browser, and you should be redirected to a UVU Authentication page.

    1. Authorization Page Image

    • Click on Conference and Business Guests.

      Conference Registration Image

      • Enter the Username and Password you were given by your Conference or Business Sponsor and click Continue.

        Conference Guest

      • ! For Conference Guests, enter your First Name and Email address and click Continue, you will then be connected to the Internet with full access.
      • ! For Business Guests, complete the form below and click Continue.

        Business Guest

      • The Bradford Security Agent will be downloaded. Click Save or Run to install.

        Bradford Install

        • Right click on the BradfordPersistentAgent.pkg and click on Open.


  • Enter your Computer User and Password.

  • The installer for the Bradford Persistent Agent should start after you click Install Software.

    Agent installer

  • Login to the Bradford Agent with your UV ID and Password and after it scans your computer it will connect you to the Internet.


  • Restart your browser and you are good to go.