How to connect to Wolverine-WiFi Secure (MAC)

  1. Click on the Airport, and select Wolverine-WiFi

    1. Authorization Page Image

  2. Open a browser, and you should be redirected to a UVU Authentication page. (If you are not redirected automatically, try navigating to in your browser.)

    1. Authentication Page Example

    • Enter UVID and Password.
    • A download for Bradford Persistent Agent should start after log in.
    1. Bradford Installation Window

    • Right click on the BradfordPersistentAgent.pkg and click on Open.
    1. bradford1

      Authorization Page Image

    • Enter your computer User and Password here!
    • The installation for the Bradford Persistent Agent should start after log in.
      Authorization Page Image
    • Login to the Bradford Agent with your UV ID and Password and after it scans your computer it will connect you to the Internet.
      Bradford Agent Login Window
  3. Go to the SecureW2 website.
  4. One of the following screens will appear depending on your OS-
  5. Click "JoinNow"
  6. Download and open SecureW2 DMG file.
  7. Double click SecureW2 JoinNow icon-
  8. Click open if you receive a warning-
  9. The following screen should open-
  10. Enter your UVU ID and password.
  11. You should be automatically joined to Wolverine-Secure.