How to connect to Wolverine-WiFi Secure (Windows)


Make sure you currently have an up-to-date anti-virus program installed before attempting to connect to Wolverine Wi-Fi.

  1. Connect first to Wolverine-Wifi.

    • Click on the Wifi icon in the System Tray.
    • Click on Wolverine-Wifi.
    • Click on Connect.

    1. Connect to Wolverine-Wifi
  2. Open a browser, and you should be redirected to a UVU Authentication page. (If you are not redirected automatically, try navigating to in your browser.)

    1. Authentication Page Example

    • Enter UVID and Password.
    • Download Bradford Persistent Agent and run it.
    1. Bradford Installation Wizard

    • After setup is finished, a login window will pop up. Enter your UVID and Password.
    1. Bradford Agent Login Window

  3. After login, you should be able to restart your browser, and connect to the internet.

  4. Go to SecureW2 website
  5. One of the following screens will appear depending on your operating system-

    Windows 7Windows 8Windows 10
  6. Click "JoinNow"
  7. Download and run the SecureW2 executable.
  8. The following screen will appear-

  9. Enter your UVU ID and password then click next.
  10. You will be automatically joined to Wolverine-Secure.