Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the difference between Wolverine-WiFi and Wolverine-Secure

 A. When you are connected to Wolverine-Secure your computer encrypts your data before it sends it over the air to the Access Point. That is the only difference, speed, bandwidth and internet access is exactly the same.

Q2. How can I tell if I should be on Wolverine-Secure?

 A. It is recommend for everyone, especially faculty and staff, or if you work with any sensitive data or personal information.

Q3. I cannot access the login page. I get the redirection page but then my browser gives an error and stops.

A. This is caused by an encryption (SSL) problem with your browser. Type in on your browsers URL line and hit return, it will then complete the redirect to the login/registration page.

Q4. After logging in on the Registration page on my iPad the web page never updates and I don't know if I am connected.

 A. Type in your browsers URL box and hit enter. If it loads you are good to go.

Q5. Do I have to install the Bradford Persistent Agent?

 A. Yes, all Windows and Mac PCs are required to have the agent to connect to the wireless network.

Q6. I am getting a popup that says "Network Access: At Risk" and I can't get to my homepage.

 A. Your computer needs one of three things, Anti-virus software updated, an Operating System patch installed or the Bradford Persistent Agent reinstalled. Call the Service Desk if you need help to figure it out.

Q7. I just connected to Wolverine-WiFi and now I can't read my email, chat or other app; I get "Cannot connect to server!"

 A. You still need to register your phone. Launch the browser on your phone and it will be redirected to the Registration login page. Enter your UV ID and Password and your phone will then be re-connected to the internet and you can read your email.