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Why was the estate donated to UVU?

Lakemount Manor was the home of Melanie Bastian who always desired for it to be a place of community gathering. To honor her legacy and love for neighbors near and far, Melanie’s four children--Rick, Darren, Jeff, and Robert--selected to donate the estate to Utah Valley University for use as a public art museum.

In conjunction with this generous gift, the family has also provided a generous contribution to the Noorda Center for the Performing Arts, currently under construction at the Utah Valley University main campus. The center’s black box theatre will be named the Melanie Laycock Bastian Theatre to recognize the family’s donation to honor their mother.

How will UVU use the estate?

UVU’s School of the Arts will use the estate as an art museum. The UVU Museum of Art at Lakemount Manor will welcome neighbors and community as a public gathering space showcasing student and faculty works, as well as the work of professional artists from across the country. Following the Bastian family’s wishes to honor their mother’s legacy and love of sharing her home, the formalization of the space as an art museum will ensure community members can continue enjoying Lakemount Manor as a gathering place.

The current UVU museum, Woodbury Art Museum, is located off campus at University Place. The transition to Lakemount Manor in 2020 will bring museum operations nearer to the UVU campus.

Will the home/estate need to be remodeled?

The estate will undergo minor renovations in order to better accommodate art museum operations and ensure the space meets state and city code as the transition is made from residential to commercial usage.

What alterations will be needed for the property?

UVU and the Schools of the Arts are currently evaluating the space in the home along with the programming needs for the art museum. Care will be taken to ensure that the character of the home is retained while some of the spaces may be adjusted to fulfill the mission of the art museum, including:

  • Fire sprinklers and ADA features installed throughout the house to bring it up to code.
  • Fire road built around the perimeter (again to meet code).
  • A parking lot will be constructed inside the estate’s exterior gates to accommodate museum visitors.

How will the community be involved with the home/estate?

Utah Valley University and the School of the Arts will use Lakemount Manor as a public art museum. In addition to displaying curated works and exhibitions from students and artists, the art museum will house classrooms, studio and recital spaces, and offices. It will also enlist volunteers to serve as docents and in other capacities. Further opportunities for community to be involved with the art museum will be announced in the future.

When will the home be open to the public?

The art museum is projected to open its first exhibition in 2020, though this timeline remains an estimate and is subject to change.

What happens to current location of the UVU Woodbury Art Museum at University Place?

We acknowledge the generous contributions of the Woodbury family, who, 15 years ago, provided space to for the UVU Woodbury Art Museum to exist. Over time the art museum and its collection has grown. The current space will be returned to the Woodbury Corporation and re-purposed as part of the renovation/expansion of University Place.

Why is “Lakemount Manor” in the museum name?

Melanie Bastian referred to her home and the surrounding grounds as Lakemount Manor. To honor her legacy and to help identify the location of the art museum, the official name will be the UVU Art Museum at Lakemount Manor.

What access will the Lakeview neighbors have to the home and grounds?

Most of the events at the museum will be free to the public, but the artmuseum will be offering special tours, events and previews for neighbors. Nearby residents are ultimately considered community partners. In fact, there will be a need for volunteer docents at the museum and we hope some of the volunteers will be from the local neighborhood.

What will be the hours of the UVU Museum of Art at Lakemount Manor?

It is anticipated the art museum will maintain its normal operating hours of Tuesday 11:00 am to 8:00 pm and Wednesday - Saturday 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. It will be closed on Sundays and Mondays.

What changes will be made for parking? Will all the parking for any event hosted be able to fit on property (i.e., do we expect any parking bleed into the neighborhood)?

A parking lot will be built within the gates of Lakemount Manor in the grassy area to the east of the house. The university anticipates this will take care of the normal operations of the art museum. However, there may be a need during some events (about 2-3 times a year) for parking near the home.

Will the access points to the property change (be added, deleted, expanded, etc.)?

Access to the parking lot that will be built will still be from one of the existing gates on 1800 S.

Is the property properly zoned to have the home become a museum?

Yes—as a state-owned educational institution, UVU properties are not subject to the same local zoning restrictions as non-state-owned real-estate. The art museum will comply with local and state regulations, including sound and light ordinances, parking, accessibility, and fire and commercial safety codes. UVU seeks to build community and good will through communicating with the neighborhood and addressing concerns.