The UVU Museum of Art (currently Woodbury Art Museum) is a dynamic institution recognized for engaged and diverse exhibitions, programs and partnerships. Since the museum’s founding in 2002, it has been an important place for the stewardship of art and education in the community.

Looking to the future, we cannot imagine a more fitting home for the UVU Museum of Art than the estate of Melanie Bastian, generously gifted to Utah Valley University by the Bastian family, who continue building on a long history of supporting the university. Known as Lakemount Manor, the estate has always served as a community gathering place. As a museum, the space will continue to provide a valuable resource to Utah County and the local community by offering unique and innovative programs and exhibitions that cultivate community appreciation for the arts. The museum will also offer expanded opportunities for UVU students to participate in interdisciplinary arts learning opportunities through courses, internships, and expanded programming.

We look forward to sharing our new home as Melanie did, with neighbors, campus and community. Until then, please join us at the Woodbury Art Museum (at University Place), which will remain open through spring 2020. With months remaining to experience artworks in our current space, don’t miss the exciting exhibition season ahead.

Lisa Anderson

Director / Curator, UVU Museum of Art

A picture of an outside stone staircase at the UVU Lakeside Manor


Get a glimpse of the expansive Lakemount Manor estate before the museum opens to the public in 2020.

At the UVU Lakeside Manor, a stone arch is pictured that leads out into a garden


Discover the 16-year history of UVU’s Woodbury Art Museum.

A stone building is framed against a clear blue sky


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