Length of Exchange & Eligibility

A student can go for 1 academic year which is 2 semesters to one host institution. They can also attend one more semester at another host institution. You may be eligible to exchange to more than one NSE campus, your exchange may cross two or more academic years (additional application fees will apply). Some participating schools may only allow you to attend one semester.

General Eligibility Requirements Prior to Exchange

  • Degree-seeking undergraduate (matriculating) student at an NSE member campus 
  • Completion of one term of full-time attendance (12 semester hours or 12 quarter hours) at an NSE member campus prior to submitting an application 
  • Completion of one academic year (24 semester hours or 36 quarter hours) at an NSE member campus prior to your exchange 
  • Full-time (in classroom) enrollment at your NSE home campus
  • Minimum home campus cumulative GPA of 2.5 (4.0 scale) 
  • Good academic standing as defined by your home campus 
  • No incomplete grades from previous terms
  • No outstanding financial obligations to your home campus
  • No current or pending probationary status or disciplinary action due to academic dishonesty or student, civil, or criminal misconduct

*While on exchange, you are expected to maintain full-time (in the classroom) enrollment at your host campus and comply with all the rules and regulations (academic, codes of conduct, financial, etc.) of your host campus.*

How to Choose a "Host" University

Want to go on exchange but not sure where? Take a look at the NSE website at www.nse.org. There is a complete list of schools, and you can sort by major to find the exchange school that is right for you. Schedule an appointment to meet with NSE staff who will help you evaluate your options based on your desires.

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