Student Testimonials

“Honestly, out of my entire life, I have never grown so much as an individual. My NSE experience defiantly enhanced my career and gave me more variety, an appreciation for my home, and my roots. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity at residency tuition. I recommend every student have an adventure, that’s what I did. I would do it again in a heart beat.”
Stephanie Fuller, Utah Valley University to Florida University

"I would recommend that anybody get an education somewhere else besides one limited part of the world. We want to be a serious engaged university, which means we need to have students experience diversity. Students go on exchange then come back to UVU and bring that diversity with them."
Denise Fuller, Pre-Nursing Advisor at Utah Valley University

"I chose UVU because I had a one more year in-state tuition scholarship usable in the US only and because UVU has an excellent Speech Communications degree. I also understood that Utah is very inexpensive, and looked forward to the different seasons. The exchange has given me an open mind to cultures and I love the outdoor environment."
Trevor Luedke, University of Alaska Southeast – Juneau to Utah Valley University

"The NSE has really helped me out, I have come out of my shell and I am much more social. I love the multicultural center, we don’t have this option at home, and I have learned more about culture especially about Samoan’s and Fijian’s."
"Sefo" Tyson Pavao, University of Hawaii - Hilo to Utah Valley University

"We felt more comfortable going linked as best friends. We returned with great outlooks, attitudes, and a broader perspective about deferent cultures. We hope to travel more extensively as a result."
Chantel Asper & Tiffany Tibbs, UVU to University of North Carolina at Wilmington

"NSE opens your mind to other cultures and helps you become more tolerant, patient, and accepting."
Derek Roberge, Plymouth State University to the University of the Virgin Islands at St. Croix

"Students whose lives are heretofore limited to narrow geocultural environments, who come to us with big dreams and small budgets, can gain a truly enriching and life-changing experience through NSE without great cost. They experience other culture and the incredible diversity of out nation by spending a period of their academic life in another American university."
Elizabeth Zinser, President, Southern Oregon University