ASN - Frequently Asked Questions



How hard is it to become a nurse? Where can I find information regarding the physical and emotional demands of nursing?

Can I still work and go to nursing school?

The nursing program is a rigorous, time intensive, hands-on program with fixed lecture, lab and clinical schedules.  While it is best that students do not have additional demands such as employment during the program, we recognize the realities of life may require students to hold jobs while in the program.  We recommend that students find employment that offers a flexible schedule.  We remind students that the nursing schedule should take first priority.

What immunizations will I need?

UVU Department of Nursing and all clinical facilities require students to verify immunizations and tests before they can register for classes.  A complete list of required immunizations and tests is available online at, and at the department’s office.


What are the Nursing program’s graduation requirements?

UVU Department of Nursing’s mission and values require students to complete nursing and core coursework with a minimum letter grade of B- in order to graduate. Nursing core courses must be taken as scheduled and in sequence.

Once I earn my ASN degree, how can I earn a BSN degree?

 Students must complete degree requirements and graduate from an accredited ASN program before progressing to the BSN program. Successful completion of the NCLEX-RN is required before students will be allowed to progress in the BSN program beyond the first semester. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of all degree/graduation and progression requirements. Questions regarding degree requirements should be addressed to the Department of Nursing advisor.

 I have been out of school a long time. Can I really do this?

 Many students have successfully completed the UVU ASN program, including those who were in previously in school before computers were used. UVU has many support systems in place to help students navigate the ASN program.  Be proactive and reach out for help.  We can point you to UVU resources to help you be successful.