Clubs and Organizations

  • UVU Student Nurse Association
    UVU Student Nurses Association is a preprofessional association for nursing students, a constituent member of National Student Nurses Association and Utah Student Nurses Association. UVUSNA provides opportunities for professional networking, education, and service. Pre-nursing students are also welcome as members of UVUSNA. 


  • Faculty Advisor:  Laurel Bradshaw

    UVU Student Nurses Association Leaders
  • sna2018

 UVU Student Nursing Association Leaders for 2018-2019

 Bottom row (L to R): Jocelyn Clayson (Service), Ashley Hullinger (Secretary), Kaylee McEwan (President), Norma Salas (Publicity), Emily Gardner (Academics)

 Middle row (L to R): Elizabeth Hurley (Vice President), Joanna Remund (4th semester Rep)

 Top row (L to R): Nicole Gunnell (Activities), Brandi Moss (Treasurer)  


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