RN to BSN Online Application at UVU


Application and Information for UVU Department of Nursing   

RN-BSN Program (BSN Completion Program)

For applicants who have a current Registered Nurse License

Applying for Spring Semester 2019


All Application Material Due By 4:00 p.m. November 1st, 2018


Please read all of the following information carefully so you will not miss any critical information. Admission to the UVU Nursing Program is contingent upon satisfactory results of both a federal criminal background check and a drug screen. Information on how to obtain both reports will be provided upon acceptance. The Department of Nursing has sole discretion to deny acceptance based on information contained in either of these two reports. The UVU Nursing program is a very rigorous, time-intensive program. Students are expected to attend all classes, labs and clinical assignments as scheduled. The Nursing Program requires a full commitment each semester, from the first day of class until the last day of class




1 - Submit a Utah Valley University Application

Acceptance to UVU is required prior to submitting an application to the UVU Nursing program.  Application to the University can be done online at www.uvu.edu

Students must meet all UVU requirements for a BS degree before graduating.  A minimum of 30 credits must be completed  at UVU in order to meet the residency credit requirement for a Bachelor in Science degree. If no credits have previously   been completed at UVU, additional credits may be required to graduate.

A minimum of 40 credits must be completed at the upper division level (3000+) for a Bachelor in Science degree. If other  upper division credits have not been taken at UVU or transferred to UVU, additional credits will be required to graduate.  Students can check Wolverine Track to monitor their graduation requirements.


2 - Submit a Nursing Application

After applying to UVU, a nursing application must be submitted to the Department of Nursing.  Applications are available at www.uvu.edu/nursing .  All applications are submitted online.  Please follow the directions posted on the uvu.edu/nursing website.  It is your responsibility to make sure the application is complete and submitted correctly  


3 – Eligibility

To be eligible to submit an application, you must, by the application deadline:

  • Completed an Associate in Nursing Program, with a minimum 2.0 GPA. The ASN degree should be posted on your UVU transcripts by the application deadline.
  • Hold a current RN license.
  • Accepted to UVU and issued a UVU ID number.
  • Have earned the minimum grade required and have not repeated more than once, within the past 5 years, any of the pre-requisite courses, which include: CHEM 1110-Elem Chemistry, ENGL 1010-Intro to Writing, MATH-QL, NUTR 1020-Foundations of Human Nutrition, ZOOL 2320/2325-Human Anatomy with lab, ZOOL 2420/2425-Human Physiology with lab, PSY 1100-Human Development Life Span, and MICR 2060/2065 Microbiology w/lab. If you repeated a course, the second grade is used whether it is higher or lower than the previous grade.
  • Official transcripts of all previous college course work sent to the UVU Admissions Office.  All grades and degrees must be articulated and on your official UVU banner system record by the application deadline. 

4 - Transferring Credits to UVU

It is your responsibility to have official transcripts of all previous college course work sent to the UVU Admissions Office.  Transcripts accepted as official by that office are evaluated and posted on your UVU academic record. This may take up to 3 weeks.  Transfer classes must be evaluated and posted on your UVU account by the application deadline.

Transferring a previous AA, AS, BA, or BS degree may fill some UVU general education requirements.  After transcripts an degrees have been evaluated students can check wolverine track to see remaining requirements.

All transfer credits are evaluated by the Transfer Credit Office only, NOT BY THE NURSING DEPARTMENT.  The Department of Nursing DOES NOT process and/or post ANY transfer credits to your record! It is your responsibility to make sure your courses have been articulated before the end of the application deadline. 


5 – Prerequisite Course Work Information

All prerequisite course work, completed with the accepted minimum grade, must be posted on your UVU transcript by the application deadline.  If you are unable to provide final grade information for any prerequisite course by the application deadline you are not eligible to apply at this time.  Only final grades, posted on the UVU transcript record, are acceptable.  It is YOUR responsibility to assure all grade information has been submitted with your nursing application by the deadline, in order for it to be available when review of applications begins.  


6 – Acceptable College Credits


Although there are a variety of ways to obtain college credit, some are appropriate for the nursing prerequisites while others are not.  Please be aware of the following credits and/or grades, and how they may affect your eligibility to apply:

  • Repeating Course Work: Repeating a course for a better grade is an option and does not affect your UVU nursing application adversely; however, only one repeat, per course, in a 5-year time frame will be allowed. The second attempt is used for the application. Once a course is repeated, grades for the first attempt will not be used to satisfy any degree requirement.  Therefore, if the grade for your most recent attempt falls below a B- grade, you are ineligible to apply.   
  • Pass/Fail or Credit/No Credit Grades: With the majority of points awarded being based on the prerequisite GPA, only letter grades are acceptable for all prerequisites except MATH QL. UVU will accept a CLEP test of MATH 1050, or QL credit given by the University for an ACT score of 26 or higher.
  • AP Credits: AP scores of 3, 4 or 5 can be accepted for prerequisite requirements.  These must be posted to your transcript as credit.  For purposes of calculating the GPA, a score of 3 = B+, 4 = A-, and 5 = A.
  • Course Substitutions: In order to give the student the best opportunity to have a competitive GPA, there are some courses which may be used as a substitution for a prerequisite if a higher grade was received in the substituting course and the grade in the prerequisite course meets nursing standard minimum grade.  The following are examples of appropriate suggestions:
  • ENGL 1010: If ENGL 2010 or 2020 has been completed with a better grade than the ENGL 1010, that course can be substituted for the prerequisite ENGL 1010 course.
  • MATH QL: Any higher-level math class, which required College Algebra as a prerequisite (except Trigonometry) can be substituted for the prerequisite Math QL course.

                   All other substitutions will be determined on an individual basis by the Department of Nursing Admission Committee.  

7 – Acceptance Information

Acceptance is contingent upon the following:

  • Submitting all requested documentation by the deadline.
  • Completing required immunizations, current CPR certification, and physical exam by the deadline.
  • Providing satisfactory results of both a federal background check and drug screen. The background check will include a record of employment and all non-juvenile arrests and convictions, including sex offenses. UVU has sole discretion to deny entrance based upon the information contained in either of these two reports. 
  • Completing the online Nursing Orientation. If the online orientation is not completed by the orientation deadline students will not be allowed to start classes.  Information on completing the online orientation will be sent to accepted applicants UVU student email account.
  • The Department of Nursing reserves the right to disqualify any student guilty of any form of misrepresentation and/or misconduct.



 Thank you for reading all of the previous information, noting all dates, and procedures.  If you have met all the qualifications please continue to the nursing application


Once you begin your online application you will be able to save it or submit it. You will receive an email with a validation code and a button to view your application. SAVE THAT EMAIL. You will only be able to access your application with the button in the email and your validation code. 



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