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9th Winter Training for ATL’s 9am – 4pm, AF Canyon

11th Tickets go on Sale for Banff Mountain Film Festival in the OAC, 9am,

$12 per ticket, per night, different films will be shown each night

13th Night Skiing/Riding at Sundance, meet in the OAC 5pm

18th Martin Luther King Back Country Ski Excursion, Aspen Grove, 8am

25th Full Moon Cross-Country Ski Tour, AF Canyon, meet in OAC 5pm, $10

26th Night Skiing/Riding at Brighton, meet in the OAC 5pm


6th Cross- Country Ski Tour Granite Flats, AF Canyon, meet in the OAC 8am, $10

9th - 10th Banff Mountain Film Festival, 7pm, doors open at 6:45pm, Ragan Theater

12th – 15th Ouray, Ice Climbing Excursion, $160

13th Day of Skiing/Riding, meet in the OAC 8am

15th – 16th Goblin Valley/Little Wild Horse Canyon Hiking Excursion, $45

22nd Full Moon Snowshoe Tour, Aspen Grove, meet in the OAC 5pm, $10


5th Cross-Country Ski Tour, Big Springs, meet in the OAC 8am, $10

14th – 19th Spring Break California Beaching, $250

14th – 19th Spring Break Havasupai Backpacking, $250

23rd Full Moon Phat Biking, meet in the OAC 5pm, $15

25th - 26th Canyoneering - Pigeon Poop and Dick’s Canyon, $70


30th - 3rd Death Valley Natural History Excursion, must sign up for credit

2nd Rock Canyon Climbing Event, FREE

9th Trailside Bike Park – Mountain Biking, $15

15th - 16th Birch Hollow Canyoneering, $70

16th Triassic Bouldering Excursion, $25

21st Full Moon Activity (weather dependent)

22nd Earth Day Used Equipment Sale




ALL TRIPS REQUIRE PRE-REGISTRATION, SIGN UP IN THE OAC, SL216 or call 801-863-7052. Open Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30am-5pm

***We are now in the new Student Life and Wellness Center, come and visit our shop on the second floor. We are also managing the beautiful climbing wall, come and check us out and get some climbing in!!!

OAC Adventure

OAC Adventure

OAC Adventure

OAC Adventure

OAC Adventure