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Become and Adventure Trip Leader!


An Adventure Trip Leader (ATL) is a leader who is dedicated, passionate about the outdoors, and committed to education. An ATL is interested in sharing knowledge and experience with others. As an ATL, one has the opportunity to lead in many different aspects such as: outdoor education clinics, team building, special programs, classroom presentations, promotions, and adventure learning excursions.

The outdoors is the driving force of the program. As the participant is led from the inside classroom to the outside classroom, one is permitted to enjoy nature in its purest sense, without the many distractions of everyday life.

As an ATL there are different degrees of participation and leadership depending on one’s experience and certifications. It is up to the leader to find where he/she would like to begin the journey. The OAC is fully devoted and dedicated to training students to engage in sponsored activities as a mentor and leader.


  • Leadership Development
  • Service Opportunities
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Healthy Life Style
  • Build Life-Long Recreation Skills
  • Retention
  • Social Interactions
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Discounts on Rental Equipment
  • Pro-Deals


  1. Fill out an Adventure Trip Leader Application, attach current certifications.
  2. Make interview appointment with OAC Coordinator.
  3. Interview with program coordinator to discuss skills, knowledge & experience.
  4. Review requirements for leadership role and placement.

OAC Adventure


  1. Adventure Trip Leader-in-Training: Basic First Aid, CPR and UVU Van Certification. Participate in a UVU OAC Excursion. Lead day trips with an Assistant Trip Leader.
  2. Assistant Adventure Trip Leader: All requirements from #1 and, one year of knowledge and experience in leading trips. Lead weekend trips along with a Primary Trip Leader. Wilderness First Aid, Leave no Trace, and specific certifications pertaining to the type of trip: Top Rope, Whitewater Rescue, Avalanche, etc.
  3. Primary Adventure Trip Leader: All requirements from #1, #2 and two years of experience. Wilderness First Responder, or EMT. Lead weeklong trips in remote settings, and help with training.


  1. Excitement, passion, and dedication to the outdoors and the program!
  2. Basic first-aid and CPR certified. If are not certified, classes will be offered every semester by the OAC. First-Aid is good for 2 years and CPR 1 year.
  3. Participation in a weekend Leader Training Excursion, fall or spring.
  4. UVU van certification. (training provided)
  5. Participation in monthly training sessions on leadership and group dynamics.
  6. Participation in an OAC Adventure Learning Excursion or equivalent.

Stop by the Outdoor Adventure Center, SL 216, pick up an application and start your college adventure off right!