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The Outdoor Adventure Center offers programs throughout the year, aimed at getting people outdoors and connected to the spaces their in. Unless otherwise noted, our programs DO NOT REQUIRE PRIOR EXPERIENCE.


Leadership Opportunities 

Do you have a passion for the outdoors and want to share your experiences with others? If so, you should consider becoming an Adventure Trip Leader through the Outdoor Adventure Center.

Fill out this form and start your college adventure today.  

What is an Adventure Trip Leader (ATL)?

An Adventure Trip Leader (ATL) is a leader who is dedicated, passionate about the outdoors, and committed to education. An ATL is interested in sharing knowledge and experience with others. As an ATL, one has the opportunity to lead in many different aspects such as: outdoor education clinics, team building, movie premiers, classroom presentations, promotions, and adventure learning excursions.

The outdoors is the driving force of our program. As the participant is led from the inside classroom to the outside classroom, one is permitted to enjoy nature in its purest sense, without the many distractions of everyday life.

As an ATL there are different degrees of participation and leadership depending on one’s experience and certifications. It is up to the leader to find where he/she would like to begin their journey. The Outdoor Adventure Center is fully devoted and dedicated to training students to engage in sponsored activities as a mentor and leader.

How do I get involved and how does the ATL program work?

  • Visit the Outdoor Adventure Center in the Student Life and Wellness Center, SL216.
  • Pick up an Adventure Trip Leader Application, fill out the form, and attach current certifications.
  • Make an interview appointment with Outdoor Adventure Center Coordinator.
  • Interview with program coordinator to discuss skills, knowledge & experience, and expectations.
  • Review requirements for leadership role and placement.

Leadership Placement

  1. Adventure Trip Leader-in-Training: Basic First Aid & CPR, participate in one OAC day excursion and one multi-day excursion as a customer. Lead two day trips with an Adventure Trip Leader. Once all requirements are completed you are ready to become an Adventure Trip Leader. Benefits: Free use of Outdoor Adventure Center equipment while participating in an Outdoor Adventure Center sponsored activity, leadership experience, resume builder.
  2. Adventure Trip Leader: UVU Safe Driver Certification, Wilderness First Aid, and Leave no Trace training. Lead two multi-day trips along with a Scholarship Trip Leader. Lead or assist one day activity. Attend Fall and Spring trainings. Once all requirements are completed you are ready to become a Backcountry Trip Leader. Benefits: Free use of Outdoor Adventure Center equipment if the equipment is not reserved, Black Diamond Pro Deal, One BTI, MSR, or NRS Pro Deal a semester, leadership experience, resume builder.
  3. Scholarship Trip Leader: Apply in April to receive a scholarship to lead trips the following Fall and Spring semesters. Must be a full-time student, a Utah resident, and maintain an overall GPA of 2.75. Leadership experience and prior experience with the Outdoor Adventure Center is strongly encouraged. Basic First Aid & CPR, UVU Van and Safe Driver Certifications. Lead one day event, one overnight excursion, and an educational clinic. Attend Fall and Spring trainings and weekly meetings. Present at the Spring training. Once all requirements have been completed you are ready to become a Backcountry Trip Leader. Benefits: Free use of Outdoor Adventure Center equipment, access to most Pro Deals, tuition waiver, leadership experience, resume builder.
  4. Backcountry Trip Leader: Wilderness First Responder or EMT. Lead an extended backcountry multiday excursion, mentor three day activities a year, and plan a service excursion. Present at Fall and/or Spring trainings. Assist in planning, teaching and developing training sessions monthly for all trip leaders. Benefits: Free use of Outdoor Adventure Center equipment, discounts on leadership training and conferences, access to all Pro Deals, leadership experience, resume builder.

Other Requirements

  • Participation in a weekend Leadership Training in both fall and spring.
  • 75% attendance to monthly training sessions on leadership, group dynamics, risk management and University policies and procedures.
  • Semester review with program coordinator to assess progress and goals.
  • Help lead one day excursion and if possible, one multi-day excursion.

Why become an ATL?

Before you make your decision to get involved in one of the best organizations on campus, ask yourself one question: Why do I want to get involved? If the answer is to meet new people, spend time outdoors, and increase my leadership skills - then this is the place for you! If your motivation is just to get free trips, please look for another organization. We want to provide exceptional programs for the UVU community and to reach that goal, we need students that are willing to get dirty, work hard, and have fun doing it. An ATL will also gain the following:

  • Leadership Development
  • Service Opportunities
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Healthy Life Style
  • Build Life-Long Recreation Skills
  • Retention
  • Social Interactions
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Discounts on Rental Equipment
  • Pro-Deals

What if I become an ATL?

You will be able to participate in some incredible adventures, make lasting friendships, become a steward of place, and look incredibly well rounded on a resume. Our goal is to get students involved as freshman and retain them until they graduate. Student leaders can participate at any level, you don't have to be a pro at every outdoor activity, you just need to be willing to learn.

group of people on an adventure at the crack


The Outdoor Adventure Center offers four scholarships each April for the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters. The 2022 - 2023 application is due by April 2022. Once the new application is available it will be posted here. You can contact the Outdoor Adventure Center for further questions.

Scholarship students are responsible to lead one day trip, one multi-day excursion, attend all required meetings and trainings, and become certified to operate university vehicles. Basic First Aid/CPR/AED certifications are also required within three months of acceptance.


  • Must be a Utah resident
  • Maintain and have a 2.75 GPA at the time of applying
  • Full-time student status
  • Experience leading outdoor adventures

International Excursion -Italy 2023

picture of Mt Etna

The Outdoor Adventure Center offers International Service and Educational Excursions providing students an opportunity to engage in Experiential Education. We work in conjunction with the UVU Center for Social Impact department and various departments on campus.

Join us for a Study Abroad, Geology and Biology, experience to Sicily, Italy, June 4th-19th. The main goal of the program is to promote an in-depth understanding of volcanoes through a combination of short lectures and practical field activities. The field activities will be conducted in Italy, more specifically in Sicily (on Mt. Etna) and in the Aeolian Islands. These small islands, located ~20 mi N of Sicily  are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are known worldwide for their unique natural heritage. Mt. Etna and the Aeolian Islands certainly represent one of the world's best locations to study active volcanic processes.  To register visit 

These excursions provide student leader development, participant development, and a community impact.

Academic Excursions


Natural History Excursion Grand Canyon April 15th-18th

Capitol Reef Bike Packing and Botany April 20th-23rd 


You must be enrolled to participate, for more information, please call our office.

The Outdoor Adventure Center and the Science departments have teamed up to offer Natural History Excursions for school credit! Come and experience "hands on learning", a perfect opportunity to apply education learned in the classroom in an outdoor setting. Register through the UVU Class Catalog under Biology or Geology 202R, participants will receive one elective science credit.

Questions about academic credit contact Danny Horns 801-863-8582, questions about trip logistics contact Kimberly Reynolds 801-863-8791.

For more information:
Science Department - PS202R or
Outdoor Adventure Center - SL 216
(801) 863-7052