Quantitative Statistical Software Available at OARS


MINITAB is a powerful and easy to use statistical software that provides a wide range of basic and advanced statistical analysis techniques. It includes, to mention a few, Basic statistics, Regression, Analysis of variance, Design of experiments, Quality control charts and tools, Reliability and survival analysis, Multivariate analysis, Time series analysis, and Nonparametric methods. In addition, it has a variety of excellent graphical capabilities.


SAS (Statistical Analysis System) software is designed for both specialized and enterprise wide analytical needs. It provides a complete, comprehensive set of tools that can meet the data analysis needs of any business and scientific organization; from traditional statistical analysis and predictive modeling to exact methods and statistical visualization techniques. It includes, to mention a few, Analysis of variance, Mixed models, Regression, Categorical data analysis, Multivariate analysis, Survival analysis, Cluster analysis, Nonparametric analysis, Psychometric analysis, Survey data analysis, and Multiple imputation for missing values. The statistical procedures in SAS are constantly being updated to reflect the latest advances in statistical methodology, thus enabling researchers to go beyond the basics for more advanced statistical analyses.


SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a data management and analysis product produced by IBM SPSS. Among its features are modules for statistical data analysis, including descriptive statistics such as plots, frequencies, charts, and lists, as well as sophisticated inferential and multivariate statistical procedures like analysis of variance (ANOVA), factor analysis, cluster analysis, and categorical data analysis. SPSS is particularly well-suited to survey research, though by no means is it limited to just this topic of exploration. The SPSS Statistics 21, Campus Edition Premium package, we have includes SPSS Base, Advanced Models, Regression Models, Custom Tables, Forecasting, Categories, Data Preparation, Missing Values Analysis, Decision Trees, Decision Marketing, Complex Samples, Conjoint, Neural Networks, Bootstrapping, Exact Tests, Visualization Designer, and Sample Power.


This is a comprehensive analytic, research, and business intelligence tool. It is an integrated data management, analysis, mining, visualization, and custom application development system featuring a wide selection of basic and advanced analytic procedures for business, data mining, science, and engineering applications. Stata includes not only general purpose analytic, graphical, and database management procedures, but also comprehensive implementations of specialized methods for data analysis (e.g., predictive data mining; business, social sciences, and biomedical research; or engineering applications). Stata is designed to offer perhaps one of the most flexible and easily customizable user interfaces of any contemporary application.


The XLSTAT statistical analysis add-in offers a wide variety of functions to enhance the analytical capabilities of Microsoft Excel, making it the ideal tool for everyday data analysis. It relies on Excel for the input of data and the display of results, but the computations are done using autonomous software components. The use of Excel as an interface makes XLSTAT a user-friendly and highly efficient statistical and multivariate data analysis package. The quality of the computations is identical to that offered by classic scientific statistical analysis software.