UVU is now a participating EduRoam institution. Utah’s EduRoam group (besides us) includes University of Utah, Utah State University, Weber State University, and Westminster College. For more info on what EduRoam is and how it works, check out their page,

A basic summary of how it works: If you were to travel to a participating EduRoam school, you could connect to their wireless without getting on their guest network or creating a guest account. That school’s authentication server would go to a Radius server that authenticates against our Active Directory. To get setup, connect to the SSID Duke Heaton created for us, called EduRoam (it’s hidden, so select the option for Other Network and type in EduRoam). Connect to that HERE, BEFORE you travel to another EduRoam campus, using your UVID # FOLLOWED BY @UVU.EDU (and using your same password). The ‘’ after your UVID # is the critical piece that tells EduRoam where you come from so that it can authenticate.

If you have any questions about EduRoam, contact Brian Peterson or Duke Heaton.