Download Instructions

For Employees

  • A license will first need to be purchased from Wolverine Marketplace.
  • Within Wolverine Marketplace, select the SHI icon, and then search "076-05847" or "Microsoft Project Standard 2019 - License" and purchase it.
  • Once the license has been purchased and obtained, contact your Area Technician and they will install it.

Note: It is the department's responsibility to keep track of the Project license in the event of a Microsoft audit.

For Area Techs


  • Area Technicians need to obtain the installer for Project from Box. The location of the file is below. The file needs to be the Office 365 2019 version if being installed with Office 365. If it is being installed with Office 2019 then it will need to be installed with the 2019 Project installer. 2016 Project is not compatible with Office 365 or Office 2019. Once the file is downloaded, it will need to be extracted and ran as admin. There is a batch file that will do this in the extracted folder. It will run the installer and then be finished.
  • pro

For Students

  • Microsoft Project is only available to students enrolled in supported business classes at this time. Please contact the Service Desk for more information.