Campus Information Security Committee

Leroy Brown & Dave Heldenbrand, Co‑chairs

The CISC addresses issues associated with appropriate use of information technology by students, faculty and staff (including administrators) at UVU. The committee is charged with:
  1. Developing campus-wide strategy and guidance in the areas of information security, computer network defense, critical infrastructure protection, and information assurance.
  2. Developing campus-wide information security policy and procedures and recommending disciplinary actions against violators.
  3. Making recommendations for securing servers, desktop computers, and other network-attached devices and acting as a campus consulting body to the CIO on matters of information security.
  4. Reviewing and updating a business resumption plan and disaster recovery plan, as well as working on other tasks relating to IT security.


  • Alan Castle
  • Azucena Aguayo
  • Brett McKeachnie
  • Brian Peterson
  • Chad Lyman
  • Colby Callahan
  • Daniel Hutchison
  • Darel Hawkins
  • Dave Heldenbrand
  • David Andrus
  • David Nielsen
  • David Tobler
  • Denise Vandevanter
  • Eddie Sorensen
  • Gordon Hayden
  • Gordon Morrell
  • JoAnn Innes
  • Kekau Arakaki
  • Kevin Dent
  • Kevin Young
  • LeRoy Brown
  • Mark Stone
  • Michael Taylor
  • Mike Duffin
  • Nathan Gerber
  • Paige Nuffer
  • Ray Walker
  • Roark Fisher
  • Robert Ward
  • Scott Horne
  • Ted Blaney
  • Vickie Walker