IT Oversight Committee

Val Peterson, Chair

The IT Oversight Committee includes all vice presidents, the CIO and the Associate Vice President of Facilities. All IT requests are brought to this committee for approval. It is the governing body for IT.


  • Vickie Walker (administrative assistant)
  • Val Peterson (VP) Chair
  • Linda Makin (VP)
  • Cameron Martin (VP)
  • Jeff Olson (VP)
  • Michelle Taylor (VP)
  • Bart Jacobs rep of Scott Cooksey (VP)
  • Laura Busby (academic IT)
  • Kathren Brown (academic IT)
  • Frank Young (Facilities)
  • David Tobler (IT)
  • Eddie Sorenson (IT)
  • John Richards (Purchasing)
  • Birch Eve (Student Body President)
  • Ray Walker (CIO) Co-chair