Using Identity Finder's Mac Client to Scan for PSI

  1. Before you start the scan you may want to specify the types of data, or "Identities," you would like the scan to search for. Do this by selecting the “Identities” tab at the top and choosing any number of identities from the drop down menu. At the very least, you should have “Social Security” and “Credit Card” selected.

    Image Showing Where to Access the Identities Menu in the Identity Finder Client

    1. Image Showing the Drop Down Menu of Identities We Can Search For
  2. Now you are ready to start the search. Select “Start” in the top left corner of Identity Finder.

    Image Showing Where to Start a Computer Scan in Identity Finder


  3. The Identity Finder Status window should open and show you the status of the search. Searches typically take about 30 minutes to complete. The scan time is based on how much information needs to be searched and the power of the computer.

    Image Showing the Identity Finder Status Window

  4. When the search is complete,a "Search Completed" notification window will appear. Click "OK" to return to the status window.

    Image Showing the Search Complete Notification

  5. The status window shows that the search has completed and gives you some statistics on the duration of the search and what was found/searched. Close this window to get back to the main application and begin reviewing results.

    Evaluating Scan Results Using the Identity Finder Client on Mac

 Image Showing the Search Complete Message in the Identity Finder Status Window

Identity Finder's Mac Documentation

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