Using Spirion's Windows Client to Scan for PSI

 Now you are ready to start the search. Navigate to the “Main” tab at the top and select “Start” under the “Search” section.
Identity Finder Start Search
 The Spirion Status window should now open and show you the status of the search. Searches typically can take around 30 minutes to complete, however the more often you scan your computer the faster the scans will be. The scan time is based on how much information needs to be searched and the power of the computer.
Identity Finder Search Status

When the search is complete the Spirion Notification Icon will display a small text window to let you know the search is complete. You can now go back to the Spirion application by clicking this notification. The Spirion Search Summary will display and ask you how you would like to proceed with evaluating the results. 

Image Showing the Identity Finder Scan Results Wizard
  1. Here is a link to the tutorial for evaluating scan results using the Spirion client on a Windows machine.

         Evaluating Scan Results Using the Spirion Client in Windows


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