P2P and the UVU Network


  1. UVU is legally obligated to respond to copyright, piracy and Digital Millennium Copyright Act violation notices to make a good faith effort to remove all violations from the UVU network.
  2. Illegal P2P downloading of copyrighted materials is a violation of State and Federal Laws and you may be prosecuted.  UVU has an obligation to cooperate with law enforcement agencies on such violations.
  3. P2P clients are inherently not secure and give hackers access to the computer on which they are installed.
  4. UEN (Utah Education Network) policy prohibits illegal activities and excess use of bandwidth on the UEN network of which UVU is a part.
  5. UVU policy (Appropriate Use of Computing Facilities A-10.1) includes the following:
    1. From I. Rights and Responsibilities: Use of the UVU computer system must be legal, ethical, and consistent with the College's mission.
    2. From I.a.5.: Individual users must  obey federal, state, and local laws which govern computer and telecommunication use.
    3. From I.a.4: Individual users must  accept that instructional, administrative, and research uses of system resources take priority over all other uses.
    4. From I.a.8: Individual users must  protect the privacy of self and others.
    5. From I.B:  System Administrators must:
      1. Perform periodic security checks to ensure that computing resources by the College are as secure as the College can make them.
      2. Enforce violations of this policy in cooperation with appropriate authorities.
      3. Disclose E-mail messages, files, backups, and any other pertinent records to authorized law enforcement officials or other authorized third parties.
    6. From II.B: Users must not  share passwords and/or accounts.
    7. From II.D.Users must not  use destructive or invasive software.
    8. From II.E. Users must not  violate licensing agreements, patent, copyright and/or trademark laws or UVU Purchasing regulations as governed by UVU Policy B-1.3.
    9. From II.G. Users must not  consume inordinate amounts of system resources.
    10. From II.L. Users must not  use the College computing facilities for disruptive or illegal activities.
    11. From V.A. All computing resources owned and managed by UVU are as secure as the College can make them.
    12. Penalties are spelled out in III.A – E and include loss of access & privileges, disabled accounts, and possible prosecution by law enforcement personnel.

UVU violation form and procedure