Online Grading Instructions


For Official/printable Instructions see Final Grading Instructions


How to Enter Final Grades

Follow These Steps:


  1. Go to the Faculty's My Classes page in myUVU
  2. Click on Banner XE Grading OR Final Grades (right hand side of page)
  3. Click on Term Selection and choose the term to be graded.
  4. click on the Title of the course and enter grades.  A LETTER GRADE MUST BE ENTERED FOR EACH STUDENT.*  Enter grades and last attend dates.  Last attend dates are only required for UW grades.
  5. Click Save or Submit button at the bottom of the page. (depending on which grading option you chose in #3

 *Note: If a student has Never attended you must first give a grade such as an UW (unofficial withdrawal) and then enter NA in the last date attended box.  NA is not a valid grade and the system will continue to give the Missing Grade error if a valid grade is not entered along with the NA.


"UW" Grade Instructions

Faculty may assign the final grade of "UW" if a student stops attending and does not follow the proper steps to officially withdraw from a class before the drop/withdrawal deadlines published in the Student Timetable.

As stated in the University Catalog under Academic Policies and Standards:

  • If a student stops attending (but does not officially withdraw) beyond the last day to withdraw, he/she may receive an "UW", the grade earned up to that point, or an "E", at the instructor's discretion.
  • "E" (failing) indicated inadequate mastery of pertinent skills or repeated absences from class; "UW" indicated unofficial withdrawal from class.

UVU Policy 503 gives the folloowing definition and information for an unofficial withdrawal:  (3.15.3) Unoffically withdrawal:  The faculty member assigns this grade when a student ceases to attend a class for which they are registered but does not follow procedures for officially withdrawing; may result in a "UW".

(5.6) Unofficial Withdrawal (5.6.1)  Students who stop attending class without officially withdrawing may receive a "UW" or other grade at the instructor's discretion.

For Official/printable Guidelines see Final Grade Guidelines
If you have questions on Final Grades, contact Michelle in Records at ext. 8462 or

Federal regulations require that the LAST DATE OF ATTENDANCE be given for UW grades.
Please note this in the LAST DATE column. (MMDDYYYY)
send correct date to

The Federal Privacy Act prohibits the posting of student’s names or Social Security numbers to inform them of their grades.