Common System Reminders

E-Mail System Cleanup Reminder:

UVU's e-mail system automatically deletes items older than 135 days. This process helps to keep the e-mail system functioning efficiently. Items deleted include old items in folders, the cabinet, the calendar, etc. Items in the trash are deleted after 30 days. Please be sure that any items you want to keep have been properly saved outside of GroupWise. If you have any questions, please contact the UVU HelpDesk at 801-863-8152 or

Peer to Peer Programs and Downloads:

The use of programs such as KAZAA, Morpheus, Gnutella, LimeWire, Bear Share, Emule and iMesh that are used to download music, movies, and games are not appropriate use of the UVU and UEN network. If you are using one of these programs STOP immediately! These programs pose a significant security RISK TO YOU since you are allowing anyone to access your hard drive and computer resources to use it for possible illegal purposes. File sharing also creates large amounts of network traffic causing the college and statewide networks to slow down. This alone is unacceptable. Additionally, almost all files that are downloaded are copyrighted materials that are illegal to share and download. You can be prosecuted for doing such.

Any computer found using these or similar programs will be disconnected from the UVU network and allowed to reconnect only after such programs have been deleted and the machine verified that hacking software has not been installed.
Leroy Brown, our network security director, will work with personnel across campus to resolve these and other network security issues.

FTP for Network Drives:

FTP access is available to your network drives from off campus.   For instructions call the IT HelpDesk.

Software owned by UVU:

See the Software page at